Michigan woman finds white “worm” in son’s Capri Sun drink pouch


And now for a moment of … ew. A Michigan woman has found what appears to be a wiggling white worm in her son’s Capri Sun drink pouch.

Before giving her child one of the drink pouches made by Kraft Foods Group, Emmie Field of Livingston County usually takes the first sip so that her son doesn’t squeeze it too hard and spill. When she took the first sip of the Capri Sun in August 2013, she felt a piece of something slip up through the straw and into her mouth. She told the Daily Press & Argus  there “wasn’t enough mouthwash in the world to get the feeling out of my mouth” and claims that it was wiggling around after she spit it out.

A spokesperson from Kraft said that the company is investigating, and “laboratory officials are expected to visit Field’s home Friday. Kraft Foods says in a statement that it can’t be sure of what was found without examining the Capri Sun drink pouch.”

This is not the first time that Capri Sun has made the weird and disgusting news segment. In 2012 and 2013, parents claimed to have found mold and worms in their juice pouches. Touting its “preservative free” product, the company says that, while not common, mold can occur in pouches that have been damaged, and advises parents to toss ones that look sketchy.

Though these are powerful reasons enough to stop giving children these over-processed sugar waters, the ingredients list should be an even bigger factor: WATER; HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP; APPLE, GRAPE, AND WATER EXTRACTED ORANGE JUICE CONCENTRATES; CITRIC ACID; PINEAPPLE JUICE CONCENTRATE; NATURAL FLAVOR; VITAMIN E ACETATE.

Why not just invest in a good reusable water bottle and give your child pure water? No need to even put you or your child at risk for consuming mold or wiggly white worms, or risk your health by consuming high fructose corn syrup and “natural flavors”.

By: Julie Hurley, Founder of Hurley Health and Wellness and Director of Public Relations at Principia Media




Julie Hurley