The Mesomorph Body Type – The Recognizable Body Type


The Mesomorph Body Type – The Recognizable Body Type

The mesomorph body type is commonly described by many as the “perfect” body type.  This is because individuals born with the mesomorph body type typically do not have to work too hard to gain weight or to lose weight.  Their perfect physique and even proportioned muscle mass usually comes natural from birth and as they grow into adults these specific genetics grow with them benefiting them in adult life.  It is not to say that an individual with a mesomorph body type can lose their physique from substance abuse, including junk food, but this typically takes many years and lots of abuse.  Common characteristics of individuals with a mesomorph body type include:

  • Athletic
  • Strong and evenly proportioned
  • Muscular with perfect posture
  • Can gain and lose weight easily
  • Hourglass figure (female)
  • Rectangular figure (male)


Common Misconceptions and Workout Routines

Although individuals born with the mesomorph body type are blessed with a great physique many of these same individuals do not realize their potential and easily abuse their gift with laziness and substance abuse.  Likewise, many individuals with a mesomorph body type take the time to learn their body type, appreciate it, and utilize diet and workout routines to blossom their body into the goals that they want to personally achieve.  Some famous celebrities who have taken advantage of their mesomorph body type include: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Serena Williams.


For individuals with mesomorph body types who want to take advantage of their physique and physical goals will have to work out and maintain diet restrictions just like everyone else.  However, some of their workout routines and diet restrictions will not have to be as strict as individuals with endomorph body types or ectomorph body types.  Some of these work routines and diet restrictions include:

  • Increased weight lifting
  • Increased cardio
  • Hiking, biking, swimming
  • Eating lean meats and cutting down carbohydrates
  • Staying away from junk food
  • Eating in moderation


Love Your Body Type

Just as everyone else an individual born with a mesomorph body type should appreciate and love themselves.  All to often individuals with a specific body type will begin to think low of themselves based on cultural standards for beauty and physical fitness.  Do not fool yourself however; many different cultures see many different body types as beautiful and successful.  For example, in many African cultures women who are larger in appearance (endomorph body types) are typically seen as more beautiful because they can bear more children in a given time than a woman with the opposite body type.


Individuals with mesomorph body types will experience stress and various dilemmas when attempting to achieve their end goals as well. Regardless of body type plateau periods do occur where the body can no longer gain or lose additional weight as well as gain or lose additional muscle mass.  These plateau periods occur with every individual of every body type and can be overcome with a small change in diet restrictions and workout routines.  Be sure to understand, research, and thoroughly read up on your body type as to understand your fullest potential and the benefits your body type offers.



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