Mental Telepathy and the Subconscious Mind


We use mental telepathy more often than we realize.  Apparently there was a time when humans couldn’t form words, so I imagine that was the best communication we had.  Mothers communicate with their babies that way all the time.  My boyfriend potty-trained a tiny kitten in less than a day, by intuitively knowing when it needed the litter box twice in a row, and putting him there.  The last time I was in Destin, Florida, I spent at least an hour sitting still in the ocean, playing with the cute little fish.  There was one striped black one that stuck out, yet he kept trying to hide.  I said, “You’re my favorite.  I want to take you home with me.”  That fish immediately swam away.  This same type of communication can be used with plants and the elements.  Once, when I was in the middle of writing a paragraph, I had the thought that my plant needed to be watered.  I had actually planned to water it the previous night, but I’d forgotten.  I was focused on something else when I had the thought, so did the thought come from me or from the plant?

My findings based on my own experiments have been very interesting.  Sometimes I can be pretty good at reading a message someone tries to send me, if I have an idea of what the message is (such as a number or suit from a deck of cards).  Other times my brain is too active and jumps at possible options before I have the chance to open myself up to a receiving mode.  It helps to mentally expand my consciousness.  If I ask for some random message from someone, I feel different, like there is something there, but I have no clue what the message is.  However, if I mentally send a message to someone, the person’s subconscious mind will get the message, even if he doesn’t receive it at a conscious level.  How do I know?  He responds.  Whether I am making a request, expressing emotions, or sending a reminder; the person will likely respond in some way.  It might be a natural response of the physical body; or the person may take some action, thinking the idea is his own.  I used to do this at meetings that were lasting too long when I worked in an office.  I would send out thoughts to the group, like, “It’s time to wrap this up,” or “You are getting hungry for lunch.  It’s time to leave.”  It didn’t always work.  Sometimes people were too absorbed in their ideas and the message never made it to the conscious act.  But very often it did.

So now some of you women are probably thinking to pass messages to your honey such as, “Bring me flowers.” or “Do the dishes.”  And some of you men are probably thinking of sending the words, “You are getting horny.”  OK, feel free to experiment, but keep in mind that the subconscious mind doesn’t communicate very well with words.  So mainly use images and feelings.  While sending the thought, imagine yourself receiving the flowers and feeling excited and appreciative.  Or send the woman your emotional feelings for her and your desire to express it.

By the way, mental telepathy can work against you as well.  If you are talking about someone, don’t be surprised if you feel that person’s energy in the room.  Thinking about someone calls to them, and they subconsciously hear everything you say.

If anyone can talk to the subconscious mind, why get hypnotized?  Getting hypnotized, or even meditating, quiets the conscious mind and makes you more receptive.  It is easier for answers to get to the conscious experience so that you can see what is going on inside, and then deal with the issue accordingly.  You are also less inhibited and more open to suggestions.  And sometimes it is helpful to have someone else take you through the necessary logic or imagery to release the problem you have pinpointed, especially if your conscious mind agrees with your subconscious mind in a way that is not serving you.

Now imagine how else you can use this “sending” telepathic technique.  If everyone’s subconscious mind picks up on mental messages that you purposely send them, why not do this all the time?  If there is someone in your life that you really appreciate, but your relationship is not very touchy-feely or expressive, mentally tell that person how much he or she means to you.  Send a mental compliment to a perfect stranger on the street, who said or did something that impressed you.  If you see somebody who looks angry or depressed; perhaps say a little prayer, and then mentally send a message of hope, telling the person to trust that his or her problem is being taken care of; and feel trust, confidence and love as you send it.  Even if your messages do not reach these people at a conscious level, they will certainly lift the spirits of all of the people that you are mentally speaking to.  Everyone will feel a little better.  Do this every day, and watch the world change before you.  And while you’re at it, throw a few compliments a day at yourself, and watch your own love grow.  See yourself exactly as you want to be, and then watch yourself become exactly that.


About the author

Vicki Luibrand is a hypnotherapist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and has a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts.  She guides people to heal themselves both physically and mentally by finding and releasing buried emotions in the subconscious mind.  For more information, go to

Vicki Luibrand
Vicki Luibrand is a hypnotherapist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and has a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts. She guides people to heal themselves both physically and mentally by finding and releasing buried emotions in the subconscious mind. For more information, go to