This Medication Doubles The Risk Of Suicide & Violence In Healthy Adults


Unfortunately, almost half of the American population uses a prescription drug daily. The third most usual prescription drugs used are antidepressants. This is according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although the population is somehow used to taking antidepressants, they aren’t aware of the side effects it causes. Unfortunately, manufacturers of psychotropic drugs are fully conscious of how their products can affect the user’s brain. However, they are not willing to share that information, or they just choose to give limited information. According to researchers in Denmark, people who take antidepressants risk from twice the increased chance of suicides. They suggest that this applies to the two most commonly prescribed antidepressant classes, i.e. SSRIs and SNRIs. These are the drugs containing these types: Fetzima, Effexor, Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft and Paxil. Patients need to take care of themselves better. Especially when it comes to the addictive usage of these drugs, they need to consider alternative ways.


Although antidepressants are made to help people who already suffer from suicidal thoughts, they are not helping them in a long-run. According to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Prozac causes the human brain to stop the production of serotonin. The drug may make the patient feel a little better. Nevertheless, it causes the patient to experience a lot of different emotions. These emotions lead to more suicidal thoughts and greater risk of violence, on a long-run. However, due to their short-term effects, the patients feel the need to take even more of the prescribed drugs. Therefore, this way pharmaceutical industry flourishes.

Patients need to be aware of the side effects of the drugs they use. There are so many medications that list the side effects which, in many cases, are a contradiction to the main purpose of them.

How To Treat Depression Without Medication

People who are already taking an antidepressant and notice their side effects should consider other alternative ways for healing. Becoming aware of other choices alternative medicine has to offer is the first step towards helping themselves. Meditation, sleeping schedule, going for a walk, relaxation exercises are ones of the known ways to boost energy, mood, and love for life. Yoga helps a lot for depressive thoughts, too.  They need to seriously consider these, if they want to stay healthy in a natural way and with positive attitude.