“Measles, mumps, or other viruses, do not need to be severe illnesses for the vast majority of children”


Doctor Donohoe is an Australian doctor who made a public speech at the No Jab No Pay No Way Sydney Protest June 21st, 2015

“My own children are not vaccinated; very very healthy children. Have they had vaccine-preventable diseases? Yeah they have, but like me and every generation before, survived them.
We’ve got the new parents that won’t vaccinate are suddenly being painted as evil. But people I see care for their children, read up about it, understand the risks. They don’t come because they’re fanatics, they come because they want the best care for their children.

And nine years ago, if you remember a certain health minister, named tony Abbott, himself made the choice that his kids would not be receiving the Gardasil vaccine. So in nine years we’ve gone from, yeah, let’s have choice that the Prime Minister’s kids won’t get it to let’s have no choice, but make sure it’s only the poor that really have to suffer. This is a bad law for a lot of reasons, and the main reason is, it’s going to make children sicker. This is a law against kids. The parents have to put up with it, the parents have to live with it, but this is one that kids will suffer from.

You have to ask the other question. We’re dealing with something that is trivial; vaccination is trivial in one sense, compared to obesity, compared to asthma, compared to attention deficit disorder, the kids suffering depression at the moment. There are major health issues out there and everything is being focused into one area of prevention; not diet, not lifestyle, not exercise, not sport, not the big wins; it’s all about this tiny little story where a small group of people can be isolated and the Daily Telegraph and the vaccine vigilantes known as the Australian Skeptics can come and point and say ‘these are evil people who want to hurt their children’. And I can tell you, none of the people I’ve seen want to hurt their children. They want the best possible outcome for their children. They are not into harm at all. It’s bad law all round.

The vaccination herd immunity is 92% was achieved long ago. There are no problems here. But now what we have is a small group of people who just want to enforce their opinion on everybody and I would strongly hope that you will oppose”

From the documentary ‘Vaccination: The Hidden Truth’…”I also want to say something about where this figure of 51% You know we have lower vaccination rates than 3rd world countries. We have a minister who has stood up and said ‘I intend to get 90% vaccination rates by the time I leave here. You’ve got to think about this ABS study… the Australian Bureau of Statistics study. Through the paper says what all the shortcomings are. There are certain states in which it was able to check its information and found it overestimated the unvaccinated group by a factor of 50% There were, in fact, when you ask the parents ‘Did you vaccinate? half of the people who said no had actually vaccinated they just didn’t know, they’d forgotten that there was some missing information. The Australian Bureau of Statistics does not suggest 51% vaccination rates. It says it’s around 51% for a child having got all vaccines from age 1 to 6, all on time.

What’s the major reason that people didn’t get it? There was the homologous influence of the doctors didn’t even know they should be giving it. 51% is just not true. If you look at the vaccinations for the majority of those diseases you’re finding figures between 75 and 90% exactly the same as have been done in other studies. Why aren’t the real figures used? Because it does not suit government to say there isn’t a problem. In the push to keep on going and keep on going figures are drawn out of midair.
The trouble is we’re reporting it with only clinical impressions.

Most of these cases now are not confirmed by laboratories, not confirmed by cultures, we don’t know much about where the cases are coming from, it is just a number of appearing out of the blue. It’s expected not because there’s been an increase in pertussis but because we had a media event and pressure on doctors from every corner. And I know this because I get the doctors journals and papers. On every corner to push vaccination, to push it, not let a child go, never never waste an opportunity in your surgery, never let people think that the adverse reactions may outweigh the benefits. Now after 6 months of that the success of it can be measured that doctors are not reporting the adverse reactions but are now reporting the cases of those that are missed.

We also have strange things with this… the cases that are being reported are, in fact, in states where they have the highest vaccination rates.

I have also a number of people who sought advice from me where the child has had clear adverse reactions to the first shot. The doctor’s advice on the second shot is all are going to happen again now we know from adverse reactions that these things are likely to escalate. About 20 years ago, more than 6 courses of antibiotics, 6 illnesses in a year was cause for concern and maybe referral for investigation as to why a child will be so sick. For the last number of years 12 infections a year has been the magic number. That if a child gets sick more than 12 times a year then they need referral to somebody who can make some sense about what’s going on for this child.

In this last year, the proposals put forth that it should now be 24, that a child should be considered quite normal having 2 infections a month through their early years of life. Now here’re my concerns… we may have lost the plot here. We are now have a sicker group of children. They may not have polio. They may not have written off they may not have death irreal but we have a really crook group in the community. We have a Health Minister saying we have one of the best health systems in the world, why? Because the average 2-year-old child sees a doctor 7 to 8 times a year.

Now the best health system in the world will be when the average child sees a doctor not at all in a year. You don’t measure your health system by how frequently people are seen but by how infrequently people are seen.

Children in a natural environment, with adequate education, adequate wealth, adequate access to medical resources, should they become sick, then all of the vaccine preventable diseases with the exception of polio are eminently treatable illnesses. Even measles, mumps, or other viruses, these do not need to be severe illnesses for the vast majority of children. For sick children, people who are already sick, yes you can get those consequences. They’re nothing like the rate that we put up with risks in other areas of our lives. These are very, very minor risks compared to the risks that we put up with even possibly with vaccination.

There is now 40% of Australians who seek their primary health care through alternative medicine practitioners. The total cost is $1 billion. The other 60% seek their health care through Orthodox medical practitioners, total cost $22 billion. It’s one of those social things which… why are so many people choosing to leave doctors? Quite likely it’s because doctors no longer have the trust of the community.

A doctor who’s prepared to lie to achieve a good result from vaccinations, that is, get more children vaccinated, they’ve got to be prepared that the people who they’ve lied to may choose not to go back to them. That is a problem for me; that I am a part of a profession that is systematically lying to people about a potentially risky procedure. I don’t see that that’s in any way able to be answered by ‘But it’s for the good of the community’

We’ve got John Martin in America who has studied the steath virus. The stealth virus is an altered cytomegalovirus. Where did he find it?… in vaccines. Now he is relating that to human illness called cytopathic non-pathogenic. The virus has been altered in a way which does not allow the immune system to eliminate it but where it can still damage cells. When he related this factor of vaccination, he lost his tenure at the University of Southern California. He is then excluded from the process of academics not because his research was good or bad. He’s a meticulous, careful, well respected and well published researcher but when he touched this issue he became a persona non-grata.

It is an issue of maintaining health and that I think is a flaw in medicine. Medicine doesn’t see health as protective against disease. This has been used many times that doctors disparagingly say ‘Oh yeah, there are some parents who think they’re just having a healthy child is good enough’ Well the truth is,it IS good enough. In the evolutionary history, having healthy children was a good way of making it through the first million years of our evolutionary life. Fiddling around with vaccinations is the thing we’ve done for less than two generations. We have no concept of what the consequences of that are”


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