Why Mason Jars are amazing… and not just because they look pretty on Pinterest


We use them for DIY projects, for sipping on a smoothies or in place of a vase for a beautiful flower arrangements and have kept a close eye as the beloved Mason Jar has become widely popular among social media elitists and DIY aficionados. While I too agree a Mason Jar does provide an added rustic feel to an image and “just makes that smoothie taste better”, here are my top reasons to remember why Mason Jars are the most practical (and safe) storage containers in our kitchen.

1.) Canning

In its originating function, the mason jar was used for canning to preserve food and this is still a great way to use a jars’ super seal. There’s nothing like a fresh summer fruit that’s been canned and can be enjoyed time and time again during the fall and winter seasons.

2.) Homemade Nut milks

Homemade nut milks are a great way to integrate a dairy-free milk option into your diet, and they are free of preservatives and added sugars when made at home. With the absence of preservatives, these milks tend to perish at a more rapid rate than store-bought nut milks, so storing them in an air tight mason jar will ensure it remains fresh and lasts longer.

3.) Trail Mix

Mason jars come in all shapes and sizes, so prepping a few smaller jars earlier in the week with homemade trail mix is an incredible way to ensure you have healthy snacks on the go.

4.) Overnight oats

Overnight oats are hot right now and an excellent way to make breakfast a no brainer in the morning. Prep oats overnight by placing them in a mason jar with desired dairy or non-dairy milk, add fruits, nuts and/or chia seeds and voila, your oats are instantly ready to eat in the morning.

5.) Storing grains or nuts

Larger mason jars are excellent containers to store grains, nuts and legumes in your cabinet. Also, bringing mason jars to the grocery store and stocking up on your grains, nuts and legumes is a more green and sustainable way to purchase — ie no boxes or bags!

6.) Layering a mason jar meal

This is a great way to, again, plan ahead your meals for easy on-the-go healthy eats. Layer your large mason jar in this order to ensure freshness: wet ingredients at the bottom followed by moisture resistant veggies, other veggies, proteins, and greens grains or pastas at the top.

7.) Fermenting

Whether you’ve experimented with fermented foods or not, mason jars are the perfect container to use for all of your fermentation needs. The tight seal allows for healthy bacteria to form over time and provides tremendous health benefits to activate healthy flora in the gut.

Last but not least, use mason jars as glasses to drink up your daily H2O and you can even add a fruit or two for that perfect social media pic.


Katie Corcoran
Katie Corcoran is a healthy living expert, coach and lover of all things kale and cacao. She believes we are all destined to break free from our fears and live life our absolute greatest potential. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (AADP), Wellness Blogger and Business Mentor, Katie works to empower women through her group programs to make healthier decisions in their relationships, careers, healthy eating, movement habits, and also learn how to harvest have a strong relationship with their finances. To learn more about Katie, visit her website at www.katiecorc.com or by emailing [email protected].