How To Market Your New Business Brand App


Starting up a new business brand app is definitely not an easy task by any means. It needs a lot of time, devotion, and energy to get it going. The way these small and medium sized businesses have been utilizing and evolving around the exciting new media platform that is mobile apps, which is growing day by day. These businesses are well aware of the inflowing benefits derived from these apps and the potential to provide both to their customers and themselves. This potential, however, cannot be completely identified unless provided with a reasonable number of downloads. Getting this accomplished is something that can be overlooked due to the excitement that surrounds the launch of an app. It is however quite crucial to the success of your investment that you get your app into as many smartphones as you can.
Here are few significant techniques which can help you make this process as automated and simple as possible.

Long Term Strategy

It is not enough just to promote your app in the first month after it has been released. You need to notify your existing and potential customers constantly about your presence in this medium. Keeping the QR codes present in all of your virtual and physical marketing material is a quite simple way to do this. Offering different coupons may also attract customers from different demographics is also another strategy to increase the number of downloads over time. It isn’t just enough if your app hits the app store, you need to make sure that it is downloaded in high volumes in order for it to really enhance your sales. If you execute these strategies in a perfect manner after the release then continue to implement them on a consistent basis, as a result, you’ll see your downloads going up.

Another way to enhance the number of downloads is by enticing your customers to do so. You can do this with an in-app coupon by simply advertising a promotion such as “Download our new app and receive 15% off your next purchase by redeeming the in-app coupon”. This is a win-win situation as your customers get pretty much excited by availing a great deal and you eventually receive the benefits which derive from having your app installed into their phones.


Try making it as simple as possible; people love it when things are simple. This is as true when it comes to downloading apps as it is to anything else. One of the simplest way is to provide your customers with a QR code. These are little barcodes that are scanned with a smartphone, once scanned the phone automatically redirects the user to your app in the entire app store. Another attractive thing about QR codes is that they can be created in a range of different formats including e-mail versions for your brochures, newsletter and printed versions in store advertising and even on printed on other promotional products like shirts or black coffee cups. This is quite an affordable way to enhance the number of downloads your app receives, which in turn increases the effectiveness of your app.

The market app is constantly changing, the marketing techniques required to market them effectively are also changing along with them. Here is a precious marketing strategy that has stood the test of time, and will not drain the entire profit line of your app business.

Retain loyal users:

If you want to build an app empire, you have to learn how to maintain your current users as you strive to acquire more. One of the oldest tricks in the book for maintaining users is coming up with a rewarding scheme for your most loyal users. This will make your users feel special, and they will continue using your app, rating it high, and recommending it to others. An excellent example of rewarding your loyal users is via giving them offers or discounts on certain products, adding them more lives in case of certain games, and giving them VIP status.


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