How Marijuana Affects Men’s Sexual Health?


There have been many studies concerning the effect of marijuana on a male’s sexual function. Scientists showed an increase in interest concerning marijuana’s effect on human sexual function in the 1970’s. Since then, marijuana has been concluded to be a drug that may enhance a man’s performance in bed. About 75% of men participating in these studies claimed that marijuana enhanced their sexual performance. Oddly enough, another study was conducted that shows that half of the men who use marijuana have sexual dysfunction. More studies showed that smaller amounts of marijuana helped with men’s sex lives while a large amount caused erectile dysfunction, so which is it? Does marijuana help of harm a man’s sex life?

The responses for most studies including marijuana and sexual dysfunction have been convicted of being biased or performed improperly. It is said that none of the studies conducted on this topic have used validated techniques for measurement. Marijuana causes side effects in people that may skew their answers on the topic of sex because a person under the influence of marijuana has an alternative perception on the world around them. They could believe that their sex lasted longer when it was their perception of time which was affected, and not the sex.

THC Studies on Monkeys

The biggest study that has been conducted to test if marijuana has an effect on a male’s ability to get an erection was found in several monkey subjects. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the main ingredient in marijuana that gives people their high. In several monkeys, THC was found in their soft muscle penis tissue, and the THC was found to have an inhibitory effect. An inhibitor is something that stops a process from happening, and in this case, THC is an inhibitor towards erections. The THC was contained in the soft muscle of the monkey’s penises, which is about 70-80% of the entire penis. If THC can act as an inhibitor in a monkey’s penis, than it can act as one in a human penis as well.

More in-depth Findings Concerning Animals

Endocannabinoids, one of them being THC, play complex role in a man’s sexual function. The role it plays is so complex, that findings can never be certain of what it does to a male’s sexual function. All that have been found are in animal studies. It has been found that THC aids in the degradation of FAAH, a compound that is necessary in sperm production.

There was a study conducted on mice from 2004-2006 that proved that there was a degradation of FAAH once THC was introduced to the penis. It has been proven that THC has multiple, small effects on a male mouse’s sexual ability, and combined those effects can lead to bigger effects. It affects certain types of sexual hormones, sex steroids, sperm production, implantation, and fertilization in men. These findings in mice offer an unclear view of how marijuana affects male sexual health. It has been proven, though, that THC overrides endogenous anadamide signals and therefore affects sex in one way or another. Whether it’s a positive or negative affect on human beings, nobody is sure yet.

Men Sexual Functioning and Marijuana – Adverse Effect to Learn!

Marijuana has become widely used in America, and 162 million people use it worldwide, and out of those 162 million who use it, 22 million use it on a daily basis. It’s very common for men to use it while they’re at their sexual peak in life. It’s important for men to know what marijuana does to their sexual ability before they decide to do it long term.

Of course, users of marijuana like to focus on the positives of the drug instead of the negatives, which there are many positives and very few negatives. Unfortunately, very few studies have been conducted on humans. Most studies have been conducted on animals, and those studies have showed a possibility of marijuana altering sexual performance. The adverse effect of marijuana on a male’s sexual function hasn’t been proven, but it’s best for men to cut down on the amount of THC they put into their bodies just for precaution. If you’re concerned that your marijuana intake is affecting your sexual health, you can try to decrease your intake on a daily basis.

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