Too Many Diet Scams Online Are Fooling You


It seems everyone and their grandma has another diet to share with you and another weight-loss story where someone lost 100lbs or more. Of course, if you try any of these diets, most likely you won’t lose any weight permanently and probably just injure yourself, which will make it harder to lose weight permanently the next time. You see, people are so eager to lose weight that they don’t stop to look at exactly what that diet does to your body – maybe it’s because as long as you lose weight, then that’s all that counts?

But That’s Not What Counts!

There is one thing far more important than losing weight, and that’s losing only unhealthy fat permanently. This way, you get to keep all your healthy fat and of course never lose any muscle, which guarantees you will never experience rebound or that dreadful sagging skin.

Diets Are Dangerous!

There..I said it! Diets are dangerous! Why? Because all the fad diets, all the hyped diets, all the crazy diets, all the celeb diets and all the other diets are either downright unhealthy or not healthy enough. And when your diet is unhealthy or not healthy enough, you just end up starving yourself, whether you feel full or not. You didn’t think starvation or malnutrition only happened when you are hungry, did you? NOPE! You can eat a huge steak dinner with mashed potatoes, a side of soup with some garlic bread and then wash it down with some red wine, yet still starve yourself!

How Is This Possible?

Simple. It doesn’t matter whether you eat 1,000 calories or 10,000 calories, it only matters how many healthy calories your body actually assimilates. Unfortunately, all food sold in stores have either a tiny bit of pesticides and GMOs, or a lot of pesticides and GMOs! The best you can do is limit your intake of pesticide or GMO foods as much as you possibly can and hope that it’s enough to actually change your health and reach your health goals in a reasonable amount of time, before you lose patients and move on to another diet that will surely waste your time, money and damage your health more. And don’t get me started on hard exercise, because that definitely has nothing to do with losing only unhealthy fat, just losing muscle and burning healthy fat your body actually needs.

So What ‘Diet’ Is Health Enough?

A diet healthy enough to shrink your swollen fat cells to point of looking lean and cut and then stay that way, isn’t a diet at all, but a lifestyle. There are lots of people who have changed their lifestyle and changed their health forever! Many have changed their lifestyle so much that they were able to cure themselves of all sorts of ailments, especially when consistent. But a lifestyle can only become a lifestyle when it becomes your way of life! A diet is temporary, but a lifestyle is permanent.

Sure, you can say your diet became permanent, which would mean that’s your lifestyle, which is fine, but only as long as you are not starving yourself. That means your meals every day must be full of high protein and dense nutrition, which only eating and drinking pesticide-free and GMO-free food can give you. And the healthier you eat and drink every day, the less you actually have to exercise. I’ve known many people who sat around all day working at their desk, yet still lost only unhealthy fat, because they changed their lifestyle. Think of exercise like this – the more unhealthy your lifestyle, the harder you have to exercise or you can say the healthier your lifestyle, the less hard exercise you need.

I know it’s not easy changing a lifestyle, especially quickly, so start with just changing your breakfast to truly 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free food only and then watch what happens to your body with that one change over time.





Dr Wayne
Food Scientist and Prolific Writer
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