Mammograms Oversold, Thermography Rocks


This is a guest post by Dr. Laura Thompson.

October is coming around again and I’m starting to feel that knot in my stomach. Yes, I’ll be another year older but — the public knows October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and time for the relentless push for women to get their mammograms.

Recent studies have indicated that the mammogram is oversold and the benefits are exaggerated. There can even be harm from radiation and injury to the breast.

Here at the Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition, we prefer to call October Breast Health Awareness Month, and recommend that women use thermography (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) for breast screening. A special infrared camera is used, so there is no radiation, physical contact, pain or injury to the breast.

They squish your breasts!

It is no wonder that people are trying to find alternatives to mammograms — they hurt! They can actually cause injury and inflammation, which down the road can lead to a more serious problem.

Any men up for a testigram?

To make an analogy, imagine if you were a guy and the medical powers that be declared October as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and made a big push to encourage men over the age of 40 to go for their “testigram”. The machine squishes your testicles and takes pictures at different angles. Yikes.

I often wonder why we choose a part of the body, a woman’s body, and focus on its health singularly – and choose a special month to celebrate it? This is the real question.

Although, it’s really no surprise when you look at the way the medical world has segmented and detached body parts from each other — and from the body as a whole – by creating so many specialty areas that don’t seem to understand what each other is doing. The wholeness is lost.

Nowadays when you go to your doctor, he or she can only work on conditions within their scope. There’s no longer a family doctor who handles practically everything — now it’s the pediatrician for your vaccines, the dermatologist for your acne, the cardiologist for your heart palpitations (which are more adrenal imbalance than heart problems), the hematologist for your anemia and the endocrinologist for your thyroid condition.

As a natural health practitioner, I certainly don’t profess to know everything, but I do know about the domino effect. This can be positive or negative. You could be on a healing regime and…poof! Before you know it, one problem solved becomes three problems solved.

The body is interconnected — one system feeds the other. And of course, you can take a wrong turn and spiral downward as well —- one disease can become three.

What’s at the root of it all?

We now know that many diseases, including cancer begin and progress with an inflammatory process. Inflammation develops layer upon layer from physical and emotional stressors.

It takes years of brewing, churning, burning and stirring of our chemical soup to develop inflammation. Everyone’s soup is different: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, fast foods, pesticides, antiperspirants, birth control pills, mold and radiation to name a few. These stressors can become inflammation that leads to disease.

This is the strength of Thermography (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging)

It can detect inflammatory patterns that are present and could later become something more serious, warning people years before any other procedure. The best prevention is finding inflammatory patterns that can be addressed at the earliest possible stages.

It’s time to focus on the positive; the healthy, the vital, the full of life-“ness” of us all.

Here’s how to enhance breast and overall body health.

Ultimately, you can turn genes off and on with your lifestyle by doing the following:

•    Eat organic, high carotenoid foods: kale, collards,  carrots, tomato, broccoli sprouts, blueberries, blackberries
•    Use lignan and fiber foods – ground flax and hemp seeds.
•    Utilize omega 3 oils: salmon, sardines, flax and hemp oils
•    Eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, white flour, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, MSG, and pesticide-ridden food.
•    Avoid antiperspirants, mold exposure, pesticides, chlorine, radiation.
•    Don’t wear bras over 12 hours daily.
•    Customize your immune program with proper vitamin D doses and immune enhancers.
•    Use lymphatic drainage homeopathics.
•    Check saliva estrogen/progesterone levels yearly.
•    Use custom adrenal and natural hormone creams.
•    Relieve stress. Relax, breathe.
•    Get yearly thermography to check for breast or full body inflammatory patterns.

Build your mighty immune system and enhance breast health. It’s in your hands and it’s all within your control, once you change your mind!

Dr. Laura Thompson is a family nutritionist and naturopathic endocrinologist with a local and long distance practice at the Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition in Carlsbad, CA.

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