“Mamma to the Masses” says Peaceful Parenting is Possible


“Mamma to the Masses” says Peaceful Parenting is Possible

While many people may see the words, “peaceful parenting” and think it’s one of those “jumbo shrimp” oxymorons that are nearly impossible, one woman has established a parenting community that shatters that notion. Carrie Contey, PhD, has set out to show that parenting need not be a chaotic life full of frustration and anger, but that it can be one of peace, love and fun. In fact, her five-step tips and tools about parenting are explained in the acronym, PEACE, which she elaborates on in her free eBook, available here.

PEACE for Improved Parent-Child Communication

Dr. Contey outline’s her PEACE process as follows:

  • PLAY: Use this simple but brilliant tactic to get your kids moving in the direction you need them to move while deepening your connection with them.
  • EMPATHIZE with your children so they feel heard, connected with and empowered.
  • APPRECIATE! What you appreciate, appreciates. A healthy strategy for compliance.
  • CLARITY: When you’re clear about your boundaries, you’ll find more order and peace in your home.
  • EXPRESS how you’re feeling in a healthy way and model conscious behavior that your kids will learn from.

“My goal is to provide information and support to parents so they can create healthy, deep relationships,” says Dr. Contey, who has also shared her wisdom on prestigious shows such as the Today Show and National Public Radio (NPR) as well as with the Boston Globe and Time magazine.

Dr. Contey always knew she wanted to work with children. Growing up, she says her birthday wish while blowing out candles on her cake was for her mother to have another child. When a neighbor had a baby, she was ecstatic, thrilled to interact with the newborn. She quickly became known as the “mother’s helper” in her neighborhood, saying she always got to “be around lots of babies and lots of moms and dads.” In later years, her passion led to obtaining her PhD in clinical psychology with a focus on prenatal (before birth) and peri-natal (around birth) psychology.

Dr. Contey explains that she’s taken “all this science” and blended it with “spiritual wisdom,” adding that “when [parents] put it into practice . . . it’s amazing.” Her coaching and classes help strengthen the relationship between families. “The people that work with me,” she says, are “more connected . . . they feel like family life is easier.”

She also teaches online classes on the section of her blog called Carrie Contey’s Thoughts, plus she has co-authored the book, CALMS A Guide to Soothing Your Baby by (Amazon Associates link).

Especially in today’s fast-paced world where some people unfortunately allow their parenting frustrations to turn to anger and sometimes violence or simply resort to a life of non-existent communication, Dr. Contey is a ray of hope. Her peaceful vision and simple techniques, founded on her love of children and successful education on human psychology, has earned her titles such as “parenting goddess” and “mamma to the masses.”

Dr. Contey says, “I’m on a mission to transform how people think about human development and family life.”

Join her in her mission! Sign up for her free eBook, read her blogs and immerse yourself in peaceful parenting. You’ll be thrilled to be a part of her parenting community.

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