How To Make Powerful Natural Antibiotic? How It Works?


Antibiotics are medications used to treat and, in some cases, prevent bacterial infections but they come along with serious side effects. Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications in the US. There has been a huge rise over the years in overusing antibiotics.

The most common side effects of antibiotics affect the digestive system.

-Being sick
-Feeling sick
-Bloating and indigestion
-Abdominal pain
-Loss of appetite

Here is master cleansing antibiotic homemade tonic, it is powerful enough to kill super-bugs and boost immunity. It has a potent antiviral and antifungal formula, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. The powerful antibacterial qualities, along with vitamin C, enzymes, and probiotics of all the ingredients together makes this a very powerful home medicine.

Powerful Antibiotic Recipe


-24 oz /700 ml apple cider vinegar
-¼ cup finely chopped garlic
-¼ cup finely chopped onion
-2 fresh peppers
-¼ cup grated ginger
-2 tbsp grated horseradish
-2 tbsp turmeric powder or 2 pieces of turmeric root


-Combine all the ingredients in a jar, except for the vinegar.
-Transfer the mixture to a Mason jar.
-Pour in some apple cider vinegar and fill it to the top.
-Close well and shake.
-Keep the jar in a cool and dry place for 2 weeks. Shake well several times a day.
-After 14 days, squeeze well and strain the liquid through a plastic strain. Squeeze well so the whole juice comes out.
-Use the rest of the dry mixture when cooking.

Uses Of This Antibiotic Solution

-Strengthens immune system.
-Helps regulate the acid/alkaline balance.
-Aids the digestive tract.
-Garlic is a natural antibiotic and it has strong healing power. Conventional antibiotics kill friendly bacteria, and garlic targets only bacteria and microorganisms.
-Turmeric cleanses infections and reduces inflammation. Turmeric hinders cancer development and prevents dementia. People often use it to treat joint pain.
-Apple cider vinegar was one of the only two natural remedies Hippocrates, the father of medicine, had used, along with honey.
-Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory effect, and it is known as a powerful circulation stimulant.