How to Make An Onion Juice To Get Its Great Benefits


As a common ingredient in your kitchen, onion not only adds taste to your dish but also helps treat many ailments:

  • Apply onion juice on the insect bites; you’ll get an instant relief;
  • When you feel hard to sleep, drink a cup of onion juice, it will give you a whole night peaceful sleep;
  • If you have hair issues such as hair loss, onion juice also helps. It’s widely used as an effective solution for curing hair loss;
  • Try to maintain a healthy blood sugar level? Drink onion juice; it helps due to the compound called chromium.

And the healing benefits of onion does not stop here.

  1. Quercetin, a powerful compound in onion has been shown to be able to prevent cancer;
  2. The rich vitamin C in onion helps boost immunity, thus preventing many diseases;
  3. Onion relieves the symptoms of allergies and asthma, as the quercetin, it contains a natural antihistamine;
  4. Onion is a powerful agent to reduce inflammation;
  5. The anti-bacterial properties of onion make it as a natural remedy for a toothache and other oral infections;
  6. The chromium, B vitamins and sulfur compounds in onion help lower the cholesterol levels;
  7. It’s also good for your skin, especially for some problems, such as bruises, wounds and indolent boils, as onion promotes the circulation of blood within the tissue layer;
  8. Studies have found that a compound in onion may help prevent excessive bone loss, so eat onion regularly is also helpful to maintain a healthy bone condition;
  9. Raw onions are widely used to treat colds, cough, and other respiratory disorders, as the volatile oil in onion dislodges the mucus and also prevents its formation;
  10. And another benefit of onion that you must know and also tried is that it improves digestion. Onion is a good source of inulin, which keeps the healthy bacteria in the intestines and also promotes a healthy bowel movement, thus improving digestion.

So feel free to enjoy your onions! My favorite way of consuming them is in the juice form. Before you make onion juice, you should know which kind of onions to choose, as there are so many varieties of them. According to studies,  Western yellow and shallots onions are the healthiest for the phenolic and flavonoid content, so pick the healthiest.

How to Make Onion Juice

Remove the skin of onions and clean them well. Cut them into small chunks and put in a juicer.

Add a little salt when drinking, and if you like, sprinkle a few freshly cilantro leaves, it will add fragrance to your onion juice.

Now you want to include onion juice in your diet, yes? Enjoy these great benefits of onion!

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