How To Make Your Own Magnesium Oil that Treats Migraine Pain, Balance Hormones, Insomnia & More


It is estimated that 90% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is also depleted from our bodies when we are under stress, experience anxiety or have a lack of sleep. Ocean water is very rich in magnesium, but it is not possible to swim daily in the ocean? Magnesium has a role in the synthesis of essential molecules like DNA, RNA and proteins. Magnesium has long been called a miracle mineral, because it is so critical to our overall health.

What is Magnesium Oil?

It is difficult to consume enough magnesium through diet alone but we can also absorb magnesium through our skin and it is the best way to get your daily dose of this wonderful mineral. Magnesium oil is oily but there is no oil—it is approximately 35%  magnesium chloride. It’s actually just a kind of salt water. It’s called magnesium oil because it has an oily feel on the skin when applied.

Magnesium Oil Recipe


-1/2 cup of Magnesium Flakes
-1/2 cup of Water
-Spray Bottle to Store the Mixture


Heat up ½ cup of water (not to the point of boiling)
Pour the water over ½ cup of magnesium flakes
Stir the mixture until the magnesium flakes are dissolved.
Let the mixture cool and store in a spray bottle.
You can apply the mixture to your skin after it has cooled enough to a comfortable temperature.
You can also store the magnesium oil for future use
Use anywhere from 10-30 sprays per day.

Health Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Migraine Relief

Studies found that magnesium oil can reduce the frequency of migraines. Migraine sufferers have lower levels of magnesium during migraine attacks. Low levels of magnesium affect receptors and neurotransmitters that cause migraine headaches.

Relief of Pain

Magnesium oil is beneficial in muscle pain and with arthritis pain. Applied directly it to the skin alleviates chronic pain, muscle cramps, and also it softening muscles and connective tissue much easier. It is a potent muscle relaxant.

Hearing Loss

Magnesium oil can improve our hearing loss whether it is temporary or permanent. It can limit the cochlear (auditory portion of the inner ear) damage due to acoustic trauma.

Improve Sleep

Magnesium oil is very effective and works as a natural muscle relaxant, which is beneficial for people with sleep issues. It helps you sleep because of its ability mineral to relax GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system, which helps promote a “slow down” you need in order to sleep.

Cure Asthma

Regular use of Magnesium oil can reduce the incidence of Asthmatic attack. During Asthmatic attacks, there is an irregular contraction of the bronchi smooth muscles. When Magnesium oil applied it regulates the contraction and relaxation of this bronchi smooth muscles.





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