How to Make and Drink Raw Garlic Juice to Improve Your Health Naturally


Garlic is well known for its healing properties and garlic juice also benefits to health in many ways.

Recipe For Garlic Juice

For making this healthy garlic juice, you have to prepare a buld of organic garlic. Firstly, peel the garlic and blend it in a food processore to get a paste. Then place the paste in a mesh sieve that is put over a bowl. Now press the paste with a spoon and you will get the juice in the bowl. Save the juice in a bottle and keep it in fridge.

How to Consume Garlic Juice

You can take garlic juice in many ways. Take it directly or add it to your vegetables and smoothies. It’s also a good way to add some drops of the juice to your salads or soups. When you’re baking or steaming vegetables, add a few drops of garlic juice will make your dish tasty.

Actually, you even can eat garlic juice with a piece of bread. If you don’t want to get a bad breath by consuming it, there are some tricks you can try:

  1. Take mustard will help eliminate garlic breath as it contains turmeric, which is very useful when comes to preventing and getting rid of bad breath, such as onion and garlic breath;
  2. Peppermint gum helps, you can also chew fresh mint leaves;
  3. Chew fresh parsley is a popular remedy to get rid of garlic breath, the high levels of chlorophyll in parsley is a natural breath freshener;
  4. Drink a cup of full-fat milk after consuming garlic juice, as the fat content of milk helps suppress the garlic’s sulfurous properties;
  5. Roasted coffee beans also helps, chew some directly after you eating garlic to get rid of garlic breath;
  6. Lemon is really a great agent for treating bad breath and killing bacteria, and you can take it in several ways. Drink a cup of lemon juice or suck a fresh lemon directly, chew the peels of a fresh lemon can be helpful too;
  7. Have a cup of green tea also reduce the unbearable garlic breath.

So don’t feel afraid of the smell of garlic, take garlic juice regularly to improve your health in a great way.

Healthy Reasons You Should Drink Garlic Juice

Garlic juice can be used as a natural remedy for several ailments:

  • The solution of a few drops of garlic juice with a tablespoon of raw honey in a cup of water helps control asthma effectively;
  • Mix some drops of garlic juice wit a cup of pomegranate juice helps reduce the cough;
  • When you’re suffering from sore throat, mix a few drops of garlic juice with a glass of hot water and gargle with it to relieve the pain;
  • Garlic juice promotes hair growth, there is a simple remedy for people with less hair, simply applied a few drops of garlic juice on the bald spots and let it dries. Repeat this process until you get result;
  • For relieving the pain of insect bites, apply garlic juice on the bite, you will get an instant relief;
  • Drink garlic juice helps balance your cholesterol, thus preventing heart diseases as well;
  • Garlic juice also good for your skin, it can be used to cure pimples on the face. Apply garlic juice on the affected areas and leave it for some minutes until it dries, keep using it until the pimples disappear.


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