How to make cannabis oil without blowing up your house


There is no need to go breaking bad to make some cannabis oil

There are people blowing themselves up across the US trying to make cannabis extracts unsuccessfully in their garages. There is no need to do this if you just want some medicine.

All you need to make cannabis oil is:

1.  Cannabis – even small amounts can work
2.  Olive oil
3.  A glass jar with sealable clip lid (or a double boiler can work)
4.  A pan and stove
5.  Some cheese cloth or a french coffee press to strain
6.  A weed grinder (although a blender or just scissors can work)

Here’s what to do:

Grind up the cannabis and put it into the jar – no more than 2/3 full.

Fill up the jar with olive oil so it is just covering all the weed and seal the jar.

Put the jar into a pan of boiling water for 1-2 hours.

Strain off the weed using a french press or cheese cloth.

You have cannabis oil.

Obviously you cannot smoke this oil but it can be put into yoghurts and other food or just taken directly with a spoon. You can cook with it. There are no solvents involved here so no health risk whatsoever, as long as your weed is good. If you want to take cannabis as a beneficial then this is a simple way to do it. Why not prevent cancer with a totally natural medicine before it happens?

This method of making cannabis oil is recommended by dutch doctors.

It’s that simple. No need to preheat the weed – in tests that reduced beneficial terpenes.

The science behind this is that olive oil mixes really well with cannabis and that heating the cannabis and oil to 100 degrees celsius or 212 fahrenheit (water’s boiling point) will not destroy any important elements and will allow the two substances to mix, to a point.  In the tests by Arzo Hazecamp you’ll see that olive oil is the winner when it comes to safety and when compared to the more dangerous solvents the olive oil holds the same amount of cannabis per millilitre as the ethanol, napther and ether options.

Here is a way of doing a similar thing with coconut oil.

The leftover ground product can also be stored and used in cooking – no waste here!

You can even make oil which is high in CBD and low in THC using scientifically tested high CBD strains. These type of cannabis have been bred to have less psychoactivity (caused by THC) whilst maintaining the medical benefits of the different cannabinoid types.

Andy likes to write about cannabis in the UK