Magnesium for Relaxation, Insomnia and Constipation


Many people are very concerned with their calcium intake, however, not so many people are aware of how important magnesium is and the fact that many people are deficient.  Lots of people have trouble getting sufficient vegetables into their diet.  At the end of this post I am posting a link to foods containing magnesium, so you can nourish yourself without supplementing if you want to.

Magnesium’s primary function is enzyme activation.  It also plays a critical role in energy production.  Bones contain 60 percent of the bodies magnesium and the other 40 percent is in the cells.

Several signs of magnesium deficiency are muscle cramps, insomnia, fatigue and irritability.  Some diseases connected to low magnesium are kidney stones, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, PMS, menstrual cramps and insomnia.

I found in my own personal experience that it was useful to supplement with 500 mg for sleep some nights. As it relaxes the body it also helps to move the bowels first thing in the morning, so it can be useful if constipated.  For constipation I take 1000 mg at night just before bed.

The reason why many people are deficient in magnesium is because they eat too many processed foods.  Eating a whole food diet, high in leafy greens, nuts and seeds is a great way to get more magnesium in your diet.  It is also better to get nutrients from food whenever possible as the foods are easier to digest than supplements.


Here is a recipe I created for a high vitamin and mineral smoothie.
In this latest smoothie recipe the health benefits are huge. They are high in magnesium which is good for reasons listed above.  They also have lots of copper, in fact, even more than your daily needs.  Copper is very helpful fighting inflammation and also it activates enzymes that help with the production of elastin and collagen.  Sesame seeds contain calcium which is wonderful for bone health.  They are also high in zinc which helps with bone density.  Sesame seeds also contain many other nutrients, including manganese, molybdenum, selenium, B1 and fiber.


2 tablespoons sesame seeds

2 tablespoons flax seeds whole (do not use pre-ground flax seeds they may rancid)

1 banana

1 handful fresh lettuce

I tablespoon coconut oil

1 teaspoon chlorella

1 – 4 drops stevia

fresh water

I created this recipe a year or so ago as I wanted one that was affordable for most people.  Some recipes have so many expensive ingredients that they don’t work for people with lower incomes. This will keep you nourished and regular for a low price.  Please note this recipe is for two people.

It’s important to drink this drink within five minutes of making it as the flax seeds become sticky fast and it is not so enjoyable then.

This smoothie contains all the 8 essential amino acids and more, so even if you don’t eat well for the rest of the day you will have had a nutrient dense drink to start to your day.  It should fill you up for three to four hours.

Here is a link to foods highest in magnesium content 


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I have worked as a Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator for the past twelve years. I am a graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition as a Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator. I have worked with clients on issues such as weight loss, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, Lyme disease. I have also worked with clients who were health conscious and didn't have time to cook for themselves, but wanted healthy food or a specialized diet.