Here in America I think we all grew up reading Jack and the Bean Stalk one too many times. The diet industry and over all mindset of those seeking to lose weight is out of control.

TV ads tout the virtues of magic pills with made up names claiming “just take our pill” and you will be thin and beautiful and people dial in one after shelling out untold dollars in hopes of finally being their ideal version of themselves.

Does anyone stop to think for a moment? Most of these products even tell you what the ingredients are. They state clearly that they are not FDA approved and there is always tiny white writing that even the best of us with 20/20 vision cannot read at the bottom of the screen as a disclaimer which releases them from liability.

If a stranger stopped you on the street and asked “Would you swallow this pill?” You do not know what is in it, what it might do, or even where it comes from, but he promises you it will help you lose weight… Would you still hand over your cash and open your mouth? Because in reality, that is what you are doing.

There is no magic pill. Health is a process. It takes time, attention and work. It requires that you care about yourself and think of your body as more than visual. If you want to lose weight – stop wasting your hard earned dollars on the fad pill of the week.

Eat healthy, drink good clean pure water and get regular exercise.

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Sarah Barendse
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