Lyme Disease–are bacteria evolving faster than humans?


Imagine, if you will—being recruited to participate in a game of extreme survival skills where you are the hunted. Round one. Survive the overused antibiotics. Let’s hear it for the bacteria!

Round two. Outsmart the human immune system. This round gets a little more complicated. Borrelia Burgdorferi, that teamed up with other co-infective bacteria (like Bartonella) in round one; developed a strategy to use the human immune system to their advantage. Imagine that! The cytokine response to bacterial infection is so powerful that these parasitic freeloaders have learned to manipulate the host-–cytokine pathway for their own benefit. Once the bacteria enter your bloodstream, they double in number every twenty-four hours. With bacteria, it’s always a matter of numbers.

Co-infection increases the reproduction capabilities of the incoming parasites. If the immune system is under attack by the cytokine dynamics of one type of bacteria, then multiple targeted simultaneous cascades are nearly impossible to stay ahead of. Every five days, every colonized site will simultaneously release new bacterial strains into the human body. With each new attack, the bacteria alter their gene structure to avoid being “found”–thereby outsmarting the immune system. Studies have shown that those co-infected by multiple parasitic species (and this seems to be the case with Lyme) are some of the most difficult human diseases to treat.

The key then, is to disable the bacterial spread before it reaches exponential proportions. First and foremost—get rid of the tick before it attaches. One way is to use a lint roller as soon as you come in from any outdoor excursion. Pack a lint roller in your kids backpack if they go to day camp or are going to be at grandma’s for a week. Teach them what to look for and that they need to be consistently vigilant. And attend your own lecture! Check yourself every time you come inside.

One of the best ways to outsmart bacteria is to disable them as soon as possible. Colloidal silver used to be part of our immune system. The Greeks lined water and wine urns with it to kill bacteria. The Romans healed burns with it. The rich used silver pacifiers and silver “wares” to protect their children from germs of the “commoners.” Colloidal silver is my absolute favorite germ killer. It doesn’t interfere with medications, has no side effects or dependency issues, is tasteless, odorless, and can be used in ears and eyes. It helps with digestion and can be used to treat MRSA. There is a silver treatment protocol known to effectively disable the bacterial co-infections of Lyme disease.

In order to minimize cytokine cascades, you must have good gut health. This includes digestive enzymes, live probiotics, and adequate stomach acid. Contrary to popular belief—you don’t have too much stomach acid and need proton pump inhibitors (no one needs them but that’s another story)—you need adequate HCL to destroy opportunistic Lyme spirochetes. If you don’t stop them right away—you’re always playing catch-up. This is a long term, multi-location attack and bacteria are very good at doing what they were designed to do—break down matter and return it to the earth. Lyme spirochetes need nutrients that they obtain from your bones, and endothelial tissue from your heart, spleen, and brain. They travel via the bloodstream and scavenge what they need, leaving you nutrient depleted. They replicate at random times and in multiple locations simultaneously—setting off cytokine storms that cripple your immune system.

A worthy opponent for sure. But still, they are no match for the intelligent design of the human immune system. All strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics are killed by silver. This immune system catalyst works at the cellular level to disable those particular enzymes that all single celled bacteria, fungi, and even viruses use for their oxygen supply, which then suffocates them. Colloidal silver causes no harm to human enzymes or any other part of the human body.

Colloidal silver works quickly—killing disease-causing organisms in six minutes or less –upon contact! Resistant strains then fail to develop and the human body develops no tolerance. When you have sufficient amounts of colloidal silver in your body, in circulation, you have a superior second immune system that prevents infections of any kind.

Your body actually needs colloidal silver to fight infections and to assist healing. It was part of our immune system until antibiotics came into use. Colloidal silver improves digestion, which means your body’s energy can be used for activities of daily living, instead of constantly fighting off disease.

Everything new is well forgotten old. Round two just might go the humans!



Notes from a Naturopath/ Chapter 16/ Lyme Disease–Appreciating the Stealthy Spirochete

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