Lower the Risk of Cancer with Beneforte Super Broccoli


Glucoraphanin, a glucosinolate found in broccoli, brings innumerable health benefits. Studies have shown that diets rich in broccoli maintain cardiovascular health and lower in risk of cancer. Increased concentrations of glucoraphanin deliver even greater health benefits. For that reason a new type of broccoli was created and it contains two times more of the beneficial compound.

A Hybrid of British and Sicilian Broccoli Varieties

The new breed has been invented by British scientists who claim that it’s high in nutritional value. Beneforte broccoli is a product of conventional breeding techniques, crossing traditional British broccoli with a wild Sicilian variety. It’s not genetically modified. The new super broccoli has all desirable characteristics plus the added benefit of the increased levels of glucoraphanin.

As we age our metabolic processes get imbalanced and this leads to a number of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and many others. The enhanced broccoli hybrid fights against these conditions by changing your cellular metabolism. Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, transform fats and sugar into energy. However, if they are unable to function properly because of too much sugar or fat, they can respond by channeling them into cholesterol.

Glucoraphanin, on the other hand, breaks fat down and as a result it can’t clog the arteries. Interestingly, broccoli turns out to be the only edible vegetable that contains considerable quantities of this compound. Our body converts glucoraphanin into the antioxidant sulphoraphane that may slow the growth of some cancers. Sulphoraphane turns on specific genes which activate the immune response. As a result the body stops producing the so called “bad cholesterol” by around 6%. The Institute of Food Research has conducted clinical trials that prove these results.

Reasons to Add Beneforte Broccoli into Your Diet

A total of 130 volunteers were given 400g of Beneforte broccoli on a weekly basis to add into their diet. Three months later the levels of the LDL-cholesterol have dropped, reducing significantly the risk of coronary artery disease. Besides, the changes that occurred in gene function have lowered the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is considered the most common cancer in men. It’s diagnosed in an about 80% of men around the age of eighty.

Injecting additional nutrients into vegetables is a tendency that gains increasing popularity. The new broccoli variety is now a commercially grown crop, available throughout Britain. It’s sold as part of a line of vegetables with added health-promoting components.

Impressive Nutritional Profile of Broccoli

Apart from the above-mentioned compound, broccoli is loaded with many other essential nutrients. It is packed with soluble and insoluble fibers. Only 100g of broccoli provides 150% of your daily vitamin C intake. It’s high in vitamin A, K, B-complex, iron, zinc and phosphorus. New broccoli eating benefits suggest that a specific compound in them can detoxify air pollutants in the body. Research conducted in a polluted region in China has revealed that a broccoli sprout beverage excrates high amounts of benzene and acrolein, known as carcinogens and lung irritants.

However, to extract maximum benefit from broccoli, nutritionists advice to consume it raw or lightly steamed. If overcooked, it will lose its beneficial effects. To really get the most out of this precious, hardy vegetable, consider growing your own broccoli sprouts. You don’t need a green thumb to make them grow. Besides, broccoli sprouts contain 50 times more sulforaphane than the mature vegetable.


Diana Newman