Low Carb Diet Results: 3 Reasons This Diet Isn’t The Answer for Weight Loss


What are low carb diet results? Is it still considered as one of the best diets for weight loss?

A low carb diet might seem effective. Those who followed The Atkins diet, for instance, did lose weight. Their weight loss was quick. With this diet, they could eat high-fat steak but still lose weight.

But the weight loss results of low carb diet are less effective and less healthy as what have been originally claimed.

Here are the downsides of following a low carb diet that’s touted to be one of the best diets for weight loss.

Wreaks havoc to your health

It’s true that such diet can provide immediate health benefits, especially if you’re overweight or have diabetes.

But following a low carb diet causes metabolism to slow down because your body uses lean body muscle mass for energy and muscle tissue burns a lot of kilojoules.

As a result, the weight would come back after a while.

Your heart may also be affected. This is especially true if you follow a high saturated fat diet. Your LDL and homocysteine levels will go up. Homocysteine is an amino acid that puts you at high risk of cardiovascular condition.

Your kidneys will work overtime as your body fats are being burned for energy. This will result in your risk of forming kidney stones.

It may also affect insulin sensitivity as some carbs are needed for the pancreas to produce insulin.

Feels terrible

Low carb diet will result in lightheadedness, nausea, headache and fatigue.

Your breath will also smell strange because of the increase production of ketones.


Following a low carb diet causes your body to burn liver glycogen found in muscle tissue. When your body runs out of it, it starts to burn body fats in an inefficient way.

Turning to body fats for energy causes your body to form ketones, which cause your breath to smell strange.

When ketones are increased, your mental judgment may be impaired as the brain doesn’t know how to use ketones “properly.”

You’ll also have trouble concentrating as your brain needs a minimum of 130 grams of carbs a day to function well.

Gains back weight

It seemed like a low carb diet did offer great weight loss results to its followers. But the results didn’t last longer. Those dieters who lost weight have found themselves screaming for they have gained weight again.

With these downsides, you can say that a low carb diet isn’t the answer to your weight problems. Having a very low carb diet isn’t good for you as your body still needs some carb-rich foods for your blood glucose.



Janey Danes
Janey is a licensed laboratory scientist. She's also a blogger and loves to play tennis. You can find her work at Vimchi, Travel Philippines and Medical Technology Avenue.