Love, Mind, Consciousness and the “Real” World


The Real Motive For My Articles

Now I will tell you why I am taking the time to write this ongoing series of articles.  I am a person who has been far down the proverbial “rabbit hole.”  I am not talking about drugs.  Drug experiences would be mundane and very limited compared to what I am referring to.  All I can do is offer you what I have seen.  We are all striving to do what we can to heal the world, or at least our part of it, and there is a lot to heal (understatement).  My thought is that maybe if we share information, whatever our experiences have been and what we have learned, our chances of success in averting planetary catastrophe could improve.  I want to help make people aware that we are not as helpless as we are supposed to believe.  With that in mind, I will share with you what I hope will be practical observations that can encourage you to explore in deeper ways, and have more faith and appreciation for yourself, and the incredible abilities and talents you have.  So I will talk to you about Love, which I consider to be where all the ultimate answers lie, the mind, which can give us the best of guidance or ruin our lives (so we have to learn to tell the difference and direct our own minds where they will actually help us), consciousness, of which we are hardly aware but which holds everything we want and need, and ultimately merges with Love, and the “real” world, which is only real by certain definitions, and is more malleable than we may think.

A Somewhat Unusual Start, And Early Observations

In my own life experience, I was born with partial memory of several past lives.  It was not a philosophical or religious issue for me.  I was clearly aware of it by the time I was about a year old.  This was a long time ago, I am no “spring chicken” now.  This would not sound unusual in a country where the dominant religion teaches that we have multiple lives, for example in the Hindu populations of India.  But in countries where the major religion says this is impossible, it can seem strange.

When I was 5, I saw what the death of my maternal grandfather did to my mother.  Her world was devastated, and she never fully recovered from the emotional trauma.  It made me wonder, back then, what is the point of life, if it all ends by losing everything?  I thought about this very seriously, and decided that my main priority would be to find out as much as I could about the meaning and purpose of life, and who we all really are.

The Pursuit, And The Blessing Of Health Problems

I spent the next 28 years in isolation, even in the midst of many other people, first young kids, then older ones.  I was pursuing the priority I had set, and it was this difference in focus from most of those around me that gave me the sense of isolation.  The allure of most of the world had no attraction for me until I could get this task done.

In 1965 I had a serious personal health issue, which forced me into a choice.  Either I had to let the doctors finish me off with their state of the art treatments, or I had to really put some attention into understanding the underlying causes of health and disease, and then fix my body with what I learned.  I took option number 2.  This was the start of my study of, and experimentation with, holistic health, which continues to this day.

My Teacher’s Garden

In 1967, as a university student, I had the incredible good fortune to meet a great teacher and a brilliant man, Alan Chadwick.  Alan, who was in his 60’a at the time and has since passed on,  had been a battleship commander for Britain in WWII.  He was also a Shakespearean actor and a private student of Rudolf Steiner. He was a member of an aristocratic, rich family in Britain.  He renounced everything from that world, and all the money it would have given him, and came to America to be an organic gardener and apply what Steiner had taught him, choosing to locate at the university where I was a student.  There, with a shovel and a few other hand tools and supplies, and a connection to unseen realms and beauty that few of us students could begin to comprehend, he created a garden on that site that drew visitors from around the world, who also stopped to look around at the university almost as an afterthought.

The real attraction there was the miracle of Alan’s garden, which felt tangibly like stepping into another dimension when you crossed its boundary.  Those of us fortunate enough to work there, giving away on the roadside the flowers and vegetables we grew, which I did for two years before Alan became very famous, got a first hand exposure to another way of gaining knowledge, so different from the memorization and narrow thought patterns of our university classes.

The Magic Of The Heart Perspective

We were seeing first hand what many indigenous people all over the world still experience every day of their lives.  A knowledge that arises from experiential oneness with nature and one’s deeper level self, where awe and wonder have driven out prevented the entry of arrogance and pride.  Instead of separation from nature and other people, looking out and judging from within the mind, it gives oneness and compassion from a vantage point in the heart, where no separation exists.  The experience has never left me, but has driven me ever deeper in the quest to more fully integrate into that place, without losing the ability to communicate in the world of modern humanity through the mind as necessary.

People Actually Caring: A Different Time

That time was magical for me, exhilarating and outside of the normal constraints of academic existence, though I was taking regular university classes at the same time.  Often we would sit out at night, teachers and students together, around a large fire at the beach or in the redwoods (University of California at Santa Cruz has both).  We would discuss world problems and solutions late into the night, and we actually cared.  A lot.  I saw a movie one of those nights called “War Games.”  Not the one with Matthew Broderick, but an older very serious one about nuclear war.  It was too real and very disturbing.  None of us could sleep, and we stayed up and talked about what we could do to prevent it, to stop the insanity.

There were no computers then for us ordinary people.  No cell phones.  No ipads.  No DVD’s.  Not even any VCR’s.  Gasoline was about 30.9 cents a gallon and I had a giant blue oldsmobile with big fins that I got for $300.  We talked to each other a lot more.  And we played music.  I had been a singer/guitarist since about 5 years of age, and at that time in college, I was playing a Gibson ES-335 that I really liked.  I loved the change, out of the intellectual sphere to something much more dimensional and real, and I always found it in music, and got to share it with others.  Yet I am glad to retain the ability to communicate in the intellectual world.  I speak science language.  When necessary, knowing its extreme limitations.  Ultimately these levels will merge, because in the eventual holistic realization, we are all heading toward one and the same incredible discovery, we’re just approaching from various angles, and not quite there yet, and we have no real idea that we are all one in who we really are.

I know those times are gone now, though they live in my memory.  But I picture you who read these articles keeping the old times alive with me, sitting around the fire at night on the beach, no ego stuff, nothing to prove, just enjoying our connection to each other, our common experience on this planet and the beauty of the vast night sky, smelling the clean salt air (it was still clean then), if you will.  That is the spirit in which I write these things for you.  It’s not just intellectual stuff.  And I do not write for you to agree with me, but to consider some things I say, and then listen better to your own truth inside you, the inner guidance every one of us has.

Deeper Into Nature

I learned a lot about nature, and my time with Alan Chadwick took my investigations to a whole new level.  I started really getting into health studies, but they included all of nature, soil, climate, ice age cycles, the interconnections and importance of everything, even on very subtle unseen levels.  I found out that all the diseases could be prevented naturally, and could also be cured without damaging methods, if they had not gone too far, even the ones called incurable, and I learned how to do it.  I also found that what are commonly considered to be symptoms of “aging,” are mostly abnormal and avoidable.

The World Of Man

Then I realized, wait a minute, if I want to do more with what I have learned than just talk to people that already agree with me, I’d better study a bit about how the modern world works too, or I won’t know how this all fits together to apply it to what is happening now.

So I began a deep study of the world of man, just as I had studied nature.  This chapter of investigation was as amazing as the one before, but as you might imagine, a lot less inspiring.  The history of the vast majority of humanity helplessly allowing themselves to be tortured, abused and killed by a small group of those whose ambition has been to rule and to expand their own dominance with conquest through malice and shrewd strategies of deception was staggering.  I traced this pattern for thousands of years up to the present, digging into the detail of how it is being carried on now.

To Believe And To Know

Parallel with this gruesome review, I continued the quest I had started with determination from age 5, seeking meaning and purpose to a seemingly pointless existence.  I knew this could not be the whole picture, where the exhilaration and fresh excitement of youth would gradually  fade into an increasingly unpleasant daily struggle with a body and brain falling apart with so-called “age,” ultimately ending in the devastation of old age and death, which for so many seemed to be a hellish conclusion to life, replacing the exciting plans and expectations of younger days.  Something in me, the same part that remembered the long past and knew that I was not just the product of this life, said, this is not right.  I hear Jennifer Hudson singing “Believe” ( – “tell me that there’s more to life than just what I can see…”.  Can anyone relate to that?  I know I’m a little out of the peer-reviewed reference world here, but maybe you can come with me anyway.  Still, what I wanted was not to just believe.  I wanted to KNOW.  I have respect for everyone’s religious or philosophical beliefs, especially if they are living them in a way that does good things for themselves and for others in the world.  But I did not want to just memorize something about the meaning of life and say I “knew” it, I wanted to experientially know.  I did not want to take on a label, a philosophy or religion to make myself part of a group so I could feel secure.  I wanted to know as much truth as I could absorb, even if it left me with an unpopular point of view, even if I was alone and no one else would agree with me, even if what I discovered was hard to accept and did not fit with what I wanted to see, I did not care, just please let me know what is real.  This drove me to many countries in different parts of the world, meeting various spiritual teachers, “masters,” people with experience beyond the every day realms.

Where I Least Expected

I came back to America, and after all my traveling and seeking, I made connections with certain key people in my life that changed me forever, showed me where to get the answers I needed, and started a return of awareness to what I had known long ago, before I ever decided to come here this time.  And the change is still unfolding to this day, and the speed of the change is increasing.  Now my experience is different than before.  I am walking through the world of humankind, with all I have learned of nature and the artificial world still fresh in my mind, but the world of the heart supersedes all of it and has added dimensions I did not imagine before.

I am talking to you not from any superior position but from below you.  I feel I have made more unkind, uncaring, unloving and unconscious mistakes than most people could do even if they tried.  But I have come out of it all knowing we just need to love each other and let our inner power become conscious again so that we can heal ourselves and this beautiful world.  The details will follow the consciousness, the details are the easy part if the awareness is there.

The Hidden Power

I have said before, Einstein told us about the hidden power in every particle of physical matter, “E,” where E=mc2.  I have found that this is nothing compared to the power hidden in each one of us.  We have been made out of non-physical consciousness, which is unlimited, and in fact reaches far beyond the physical frequency of matter, beyond even energy and thought, all the way back to where we originally came from and our real state of being.  Quantum physics leads to the realization that this world’s particular frequency of vibrating matter is not as solid as it looks, but is actually a hologram projected by our own consciousness.  The best explanation of this I have ever seen is by Drunvalo Melchizedek, in a 2-volume book called “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” (Amazon or  Now my own experience is confirming it.  The hologram theory also means we have unlimited power to change it for the better.

What appears to be physical reality, including our bodies, the world and the universe,  is energy vibrating at a certain frequency (specifically 9/10 the speed of light) and aside from the specific speed and spin of vibration, it is all mostly empty space.  Tuned as we are to this vibratory frequency, this is what we experience as solid reality.  There are other frequencies going on at the same time.  Many others.  Just as real or more so, all appearing solid when we are there in those worlds.  All holograms, and all projected by our own consciousness.  This is why we have so much power to heal, because we have never really separated from our original state, we have just forgotten.  If we start to get back our own self-awareness, we have the power to change everything for the better.  I am not talking about any philosophy, but an inner change.  Even if we never say anything about it to anyone, the change inside us can give us the power to transform everything else.

The “Elites” Have A Secret Fear, And It Is You

That we would ever come to understand this, and more than that to actually put it into practice, that is the fear, the main fear, of those at the top of the dark power structure.  That is one thing we can do against which they would be completely powerless.   So they keep us distracted.  We get educated by their system so we lose our ability to observe and to think.  We get taught to distrust each other, form into imaginary groups and fight with each other.  We get taught the nonsense of “race,” which in reality does not exist (see my previous article on race as a fraud).  We are given a health care system to keep us weak and diseased, ultimately to kill us, and it is working well (see “Death by Medicine” by Dr.s Null and Dean, free PDF online).  We are being poisoned in our food, water and air, and this poisons our brains as well, since they rely on the same bloodstream as the rest of the body, so our ability to think and understand clearly is damaged.  Now we are even being sprayed with toxic lithium, to keep us from being able to feel upset about anything that is done to us (  These and so many other programs are mainly for the purpose of making sure we never remember who we are, and continue to feel powerless, but it is all a lie.

To Access Your Ultimate Power

There are some conditions we have to meet in order to begin to learn about using this power for good, for healing.  For example, it cannot be used without unconditional love for all life.  Not love like romantic love, but the kind of love that truly wishes complete good for every being, every life form, and wants nothing in return except for them to be happy and free.  This is a safeguard.  Lesser powers can be misused, and the dark rulers of our world do that every day.  But the one I am talking about cannot be misused, or even accessed without love.  You’ve probably heard about the necessity to become like little children again.  We’re going to have to throw away all the garbage we allow in our minds, all the malice, fear, criticism, condemnation, arrogance, etc., if we really want to be of the most help to the world right now.  What we do on the outside physical level is very limited if we don’t make this change inside.  No matter what role we might be playing in our day to day life, in our hearts, we need to become clean.  We don’t have to create the love, it is already there, keeping us alive every minute.  All the real knowledge, all the guidance we need, it’s all there, and we are connected to it.  If we let the distractions become quiet, then that love that was always there comes back into our awareness, like a very soft voice that contains immeasurable power.

The Key Of Allowing Is Effortless, Relaxed, Constant And Focused

If we learn to allow that Love to take over our lives, it will, and all we have to do is watch what it does, listen, and stay in harmony with it.  Then we can allow it out into the world.  It is real, and can wash away the unspeakable horrors that those in most positions of power are doing.  Even they can wake up and change.  Everyone, even the worst of the bad guys, is made of the exact same thing as all of us are, they have just forgotten and covered it over in themselves with arrogance and evil.  We may well have to defend ourselves and others against them, and if we have to stand against them, we need to do that, even relaxing into our fear so it cannot make us weak.  But in the meantime, and even if we come to that pass,  we would be wise to use every minute that is left on our most effective weapon which is consciousness, so that at least some of those who are playing the parts of evil will stop, wake up, and come back to who they once were.

Discover The Lever And Use It

In the third century B.C., the mathematician/inventor Archimedes said something to the effect of “give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world.”  Some time around 1792, Thomas Paine said this principle could be applied to raising support for the Revolutionary War in America and assuring victory.  The ultimate lever that could move the world is consciousness, and its essence is Love.  Even if we ultimately have to fight to defend what we love against aggression and ruin, where our inner consciousness is will determine the outcome.  I believe it is our hope for avoiding the worst, even as late as it is now.  Any one of us can take the path of courage that leads to healing on all levels.  It starts with watching and becoming aware of our moment to moment thought and emotional patterns, which for most people, are running wild in all directions.  They are the real source of stress or inspiration, not circumstances, not other people.  If any one of us redirects these patterns to focus on deep inner relaxation and allowing Love to flow into our life and then out to others, at the same time as we are doing whatever we have to do each day, we are taking hold of the real lever Archimedes was talking about.

All of the massive energy of healing and peace, every other good thing we can imagine and more, are already there.  We don’t have to create them,  but only have the totally relaxed inner commitment and intent to let them flow freely through us, and drop whatever may be in the way, in our own thoughts, of limitation or any negative energy about or to others.  It’s simpler than we realize.  As children, loving and accepting each other, dropping our manufactured and imagined conflicts, we have in our hands that energy that can wash the powers of darkness away.  A power no army could begin to match.  Ignore the propaganda that says we must fear, and fight each other over nonsense.  If you have strayed into darkness, stop where you are.  You are free to change, and your experience of the dark can help you appreciate the light even more.  You were never really evil, you just believed you were and played the part.  But you were always one of us.  Come back home.  We see you and invite you back with love.  None of us has escaped mistakes, none of us can condemn anyone.  Come and help your family.

This invincible weapon of light is inches from our hands.  We can leave our troubled dreaming, get up and take it any time.  You are truly loved from a level that sees your real, incredibly beautiful self.  Have confidence, relax inside.  Your fears will vanish if you are willing to drop them and all that is past, because of the power in that decision, which is yours to make.   Believe in yourself and in the Love that made everything, and begin your life.  Every instant matters.   You are needed.


Richard Sacks