Lost Arts Radio Begins January 10, 2015 – New Health Information Talk Show


New Radio Show In January

Natural News readers already benefit from an incredible array of great information on the Natural News sites, radio programs, videos, research databases and Mike’s ongoing lab tests for heavy metals in superfoods, supplements and more.  Starting in January, you are also going to have direct access to fascinating and useful information coming from a source you may or may not be familiar with, the ancient Essenes of 2000 years ago.  Those people were blessed to have personal interaction with one of the most amazing health teachers of all time.  His wisdom, and the tremendous unconditional love that was the foundation of his knowledge, are reflected in a document that was translated for the first time into English in the 1920’s from the original Aramaic and Hebrew, and is available to us today.  You can actually buy a copy of this remarkable document in English from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Essene-Gospel-Peace-Book-One/dp/0895640007/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417634930&sr=8-1&keywords=essene+gospel+of+peace) and from other online sources (put “Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1” into startpage or other search engine of your choice).  It is also available free as a pdf (http://www.essene.com/GospelOfPeace/peace1.html ).  If you want to get the most out of the new radio show, I would suggest reading this document carefully before the first show if you can.

I first came across this text after ten years of my own studies in holistic health, back in 1975.  In the nearly 40 years since that time, I have experimented very extensively with the information it contains, aided by other ancient and modern sources, and have at this point adapted its use to the very challenging modern conditions we have to deal with every day.  The result has been a system of regaining and maintaining health that is very powerful.  It takes work and patience as you gradually learn what the deeper aspects of this healing system are really about, through your own experience.  But seeing diseases go away, realizing slowly that your own immunity is much stronger than it used to be, not worrying about getting sick or “old” in the usual way anymore are worthwhile results that really can be experienced.  I have used this approach to overcome numerous health issues myself and as a result now experience far higher energy and feel immensely better than I did many decades ago as a young person.  I cannot even remember the last time I got “sick,” and I don’t experience what are supposed to be the normal health problems for people of my age.  The motivation for the show is to make the same tools and information available to you.  I hope you will enjoy it and get as much value as possible from the ideas and information we will share.

Topics To Be Covered

The health insights and lessons we will talk about on the Lost Arts radio show are timeless, but the conditions we have to apply them to now are unique to our time.  Breathing the poisons being sprayed on us in chemtrails, drinking fluoride, arsenic and many other poisons intentionally added to our water supplies, eating GMO ingredients in our foods, wearing synthetic and GMO cotton materials on our skin all day, using toxic cosmetics, absorbing more poisons from medical drugs and highly toxic vaccines, living in the midst of wi-fi, cell tower and “smart” meter pollution, these and a lot of other problems did not exist in the time of the Essenes and their teacher.  But there are ways we can learn to avoid many of the pitfalls and minimize our exposure to all kinds of poisons and maximize our intake of what we need, just by making more informed choices that can make dramatic improvements in your health.  We’ll also talk about “the continuum,” and how to set your own course to move along it at the speed most comfortable to you for best results in your own life.

Many of us have been taught in the “educational” system that people in past ages were superstitious and generally not as wise and intelligent as we are today, with all of our modern science and amazing knowledge.  But I have found that point of view to be highly questionable. I have found information in the most respected scientific journals and government agency documents that has been clearly false, and much true information that has been conspicuously absent.   Deep wisdom has lived in the distant past, much of it beyond what we would understand today.  One aspect common to ancient wisdom is the realization that all things are connected, which really is the meaning of the term “holistic,” just the opposite of our current emphasis on specialization.  Therefore subjects that might seem quite separate from health are, from the holistic point of view, part of the same subject.

Take economics, for example.  Once we realize that everyone who wants to be healthy needs to eat only organically grown and processed foods instead of those grown and prepared with poisons, the question immediately comes up, what about those many people who cannot afford the cost of the best organic foods?  How are people supposed to afford clothes made from organic cotton, which thanks to the biotech giants like Monsanto and others, costs much more and is far more scarce than cotton drenched with pesticides, glyphosate, etc.  How is the money system set up to keep most people unable to access what they really need for health (I am not talking about “health care” in the conventional sense), and what can we do to improve that situation?  So we will discuss health issues in the widest sense of the term, to include such aspects as economics, psychology, advanced systems for growing your own food, the best forms of exercise to choose, yoga, meditation and ways to keep your thoughts and emotions uplifting and still be sharply aware of what is really going on around you, and much more, including looking at current events, but only those that affect our health (yes, that is all of them, of course).

Purpose Of The Show, Future Plans And Limited Free Offer

One of the main objectives of the show will be to give you health information and tools that you can use in your own particular life situation.  That does not mean we will give medical advice, for which you still need to consult with your own chosen health professional.  But by looking back at the wisest of health teachings in history and what we know from current discoveries in natural health, we can decide for ourselves how to improve what we are doing and live at a very high level of health and awareness, even in the midst of the chaos and stress around us.

For those that want to take their exploration to a deeper level, we plan to offer some special events like live webinars or teleseminars as soon as possible for more in depth study.  Also, to celebrate the start of the show, I will be offering a limited number of private, one on one consultations, for those who would like to discuss health issues they are already dealing with, at NO CHARGE (yes, these are free sessions, but only a few are available).  These consultations will be single half hour appointments with the normal fee waived, as a gift from me to a few of our listeners.  I wish I had time for hundreds of these free appointments, but that’s not possible, so just ask for one of these if you have a pressing need for information in your own life situation that you think I might be able to help you with, because of my long background in health issues and natural strategies to deal with them.  If you would like one of these free skype sessions, let me know at the email address given below.  Tell me why it is important to you that you receive one of them and I will respond as soon as time allows.

I’ll See You There!

So this is your own personal invitation to join us for the kickoff episode of Lost Arts radio on Blog Talk Radio, 8 PM on January 10th (check on Blog Talk’s site to confirm the time as the date gets closer).  Save up your health questions and I’ll either answer them for you on the show or give you ideas for sources where I think you can get the answers you are looking for.  I’m excited about this chance to share the best of what I have found over many years of research that has not been open to the public up to now, and hope you will be there to enjoy and share it with me.

Richard Sacks

independent health scientist since 1965

specialist in ancient healing wisdom, age reversal and “incurable” disease solutions

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Richard Sacks