Looking Good Is Just One of the Perks of Weight Loss–It Can Make You Feel Better, Too!


A lot of people think that the ultimate reward for losing weight is finally fitting into those slim jeans you bought months ago. While a better figure is definitely a perk, it’s far from the only one. Check out the many ways shedding the pounds can improve your life.


Sleep tight!

Do you have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep? If you’ve tried going to sleep earlier, taking sleep supplements, and even changing your mattress but to no avail, the real issue might actually be something deeper: excess weight. According to studies, losing even just 5% of your body weight can help you sleep better and longer in the evening.

What’s more, weight loss can even alleviate sleep apnea and snoring–two factors that often interrupt one’s sleep. Indeed, if you want to sleep better in the bedroom, start eating healthier in the kitchen!


Beautiful skin

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to make your skin more beautiful, consider improving your diet. Not only will this cause weight loss, but all the nutrients you get from the fruits and veggies you eat can actually give your skin a natural glow.

You can further bolster the effect of a good diet by working out regularly—the sweating will push out the junk in your pores, allowing nutrients to better nourish your complexion. Just be sure to wash your face after each workout session to avoid skin breakouts.


You save more money

When you embark on a weight loss journey, your body may become slimmer but your wallet will definitely become fatter! That’s because many dieters often learn to cook their meals at home, which has two very important benefits. First, it allows them to cook healthier because they know exactly what goes into their meals—no mystery meats, extenders, and unnatural flavorings here.

Second, cooking a meal is often considerably cheaper than ordering the same thing at a restaurant. Having the extra cash also means you can afford to purchase supplements that will further help you lose the unwanted pounds.


Bye-bye allergies!

For people who have allergies, spring and summer are downright unbearable. Between all the dust and the pollen floating around, it’s hard to avoid allergy episodes that can ruin even the best of days. However, losing weight may also help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

Unknown to many, being overweight can put additional strain on your adrenal glands and respiratory system, factors that can make allergies more frequent and severe. By losing a few pounds, however, you may no longer need to pop antihistamines or puff inhalers as much. Please note, though, that you are advised to consult with your doctor first if you plan to change your allergy action plan.


Food is yummier

If you love food, it’ll taste even better when you start losing weight. According to a study by Stanford University, overweight people are less sensitive to tastes, most probably because their taste buds become dull with overuse. By eating less but more nutritious food, however, your taste buds start appreciating individual flavors more, making each meal more satisfying.

Furthermore, other studies suggest that weight loss triggers hormonal shifts, which might make your taste receptors more sensitive to tastes. That means that they are better able to appreciate the nuances of flavors in each bite.


Kinder on your foot

Few body parts take as much abuse as the feet. After all, they have to bear the entire weight of the body, which is why many overweight people complain of foot pain. By losing weight, you effectively relieve your feet of the extra pressure, so that moving around becomes less taxing for your feet. As a bonus, less foot pain allows you to pursue healthier activities such as exercise, which can further hasten weight loss.


Sharper memory

If you’re the kind of person who keeps forgetting where you left the keys and what time to pick up the kids, you might want to try slimming down. According to one study, women who dropped the pounds performed better on memory tests. Experts believe that losing weight increases brain activity when forming new memories and lessens activity when recalling old ones. In short, you soak up new information faster and access your memory bank easier.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to lose weight aside from improving your figure. Shedding the pounds means improving your health holistically, which has long-term and life-long benefits.




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About Chris Clark

Chris Clark is currently the Chief Product Officer and Formulator at Xervéo Group LLC. He is also a certified nutritionist with the International Sports Sciences Association.