Looking and Feeling Good With The Lemon Detox Diet


Cleanses go by many names: fasts, detoxes, liquid diets, but they all have the same purpose: to rid the body of toxins and revitalize it.  One of the oldest and most proven cleanses is the Lemon Detox Diet for removing impurities and promoting weight loss.  It was originally invented over 50 years ago by Stanley Burroughs but has only become popular recently because of our nation’s obsession with health and fitness.

It can be used as part of a standard cleanse or as part of the new 5:2 diet (5 days of normal caloric intake and two days of fasting).  When used as intended the Lemon Detox diet can provide several health benefits.

How Does It Work?

This cleanse is very straightforward: it is 10-14 days of fasting, there are no solid foods during this time.  The only thing ingested is the lemon mixture.  The mixture is made from water, lemons, real maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  6-12 glasses of this mixture should be consumed daily to release toxins and improve overall function.   Since calories are restricted there will be weight loss, but that is not the purpose of this cleanse.  Many people have tried to use this as a crash diet to drop weight quickly.  However, it is only temporary: once the detox is complete weight gain will start again.  Also, most of the weight being shed is water and muscle, not fat, which is an unhealthy state.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Besides flushing out harmful substances cleansing, gives the body a chance to rest and improve digestive functions.  It can improve the appearance of hair and nails, increase energy and sharpen mental health.   Each of the main ingredients promotes a different health advantage.
  • For such a small fruit lemons pack quite a punch when it comes to the body’s state of health.  They have Vitamins C and B, as well as phosphorus, proteins, and carbohydrates.  They contain flavonoids, which are made up of antioxidants and cancer fighting elements. Lemons are proven to prevent diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure and indigestion, supporting the theory that this cleanse balances your intestinal tract.   In addition, lemons improved circulation and a speedier metabolism as they aid the gallbladder and liver in ridding themselves of pollutants
  • Real maple syrup is beneficial on several levels.  It has mineral manganese, which is needed to energy and antioxidants, so it prevents cell damage. It is composed of Zinc, which aids in protect the heart from disease and boosts system immunity.  Lastly, it is all natural, coming directly from a tree, so there are no hidden chemicals or other toxins.
  • Finally, cayenne pepper has many positive features.  It is made up of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so it fights infection.  It aids digestion, suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism, which is crucial in eliminating toxins as it revs up circulation.  It can also help prevent certain heart ailments.

When used as a liquid fast, the Lemon Detox diet can be the first step in improving health and adopting a healthier lifestyle.  It should not be used for longer than the time specified: prolonged use can lead to dizziness, nausea, anemia and gallstone to name but a few of the serious side effects.  A physician should be consulted before trying this or any cleansing routine.  The benefits to this method can be seen and felt immediate and can restore the body’s equilibrium.  It is a great tool for looking and feeling good.


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