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In this era technology has taken the better part of development. Communication has been digitized through phones and internet. Android phones are in to make communication easy for family members, friends and mostly those using them for business transactions. Android phones are of great help since they have all the apps one can require just like a personal computer, this has helped reduce extra costs used in cyber cafe. Google is providing a variety of attractive phones with mind boggling features in Android with support of really creative as well as useful apps. Best Android phones have impressive designs to power houses brimming with features and affordable prices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

It is wise to choose the best Android phone and the right one which reflects a true value for your money and can comply with your needs. The best smart phones reviewed are Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which has a wraparound screen alluring in itself. It comes with incredible camera and fantastic performance. This particular Android phone news is that it’s a designer version which gives real value to your money. Its storage size in the best Android phone update is that it 19 percent larger than the Samsung Galaxy S6. Through the best Smartphone review this Galaxy S6 Edge has extra-ordinary features i.e. has a non-removable battery, 5MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens, 3GB of RAM, weighs only 138 grams and has a thinness of 143.4mm. It seems so extra ordinary.

Motorola Moto X-Pure Edition

There is also another best android phone by name Motorola Moto X-Pure Edition. In the Android phone news it is said to be stylish and extremely user friendly in design. In the best Android phone reviews it is said to be one of the sensitive and has a very high quality camera, outstanding video quality HD, It also featured in the best Android phones update being uniquely designed and crafted for body comfort. It fits well in the users hands. It has zero shutter lag and color balancing flash which delivers quality pictures which are worth to share, This phone is also featured into the Android phone news with its ability of being water resistant which is not featured in many phones.

Samsung Xperia Z3

The best Android phones review featured another best Android phone by the name Samsung Xperia Z3 which is pretty doomed impressive with waterproof casing. This is slimmer than Z1, Z2 and Z. It has 5.2 inch screen, 21 MP camera and 3GB RAM. Due to its unique features it was also featured in the best smart phones review and is still maintaining being one of the best Android phones.


The latest announcement on the best Android phone is the HTC ONE-M9 which can’t be criticized easily since its well-made and with amazing features. It gives a wide range of customized options as well as 20MP duo camera with easy and effective editing tools. there is a unique feature that made it appear in the best Android phones updates which is, ultra pixel front camera which provides photo and imaging control. Another best Android phone featured in the best Smartphone review is the LG G4 which comes with a removable black cover made of leather variants or hard plastic that makes the phone so unique, it does not break easily. This phone was also feature in the best Smartphone reviews providing 100GB free Google drive storage for two years weighing 155 grams.

For best Android phones one has to genuinely know the best make not just picking an Android phone since it has features. It is also advisable to check the manufacturer since the high competition it the market leads to emergence of fake Androids which destroy easily and has no warrant. The best Android phones always have a warrant and does not spoil easily. For genuine and best Android phone, check with the seller to confirm that all items stated to be accompanied with your gadget are there and functioning.


Best Android phones are not found in black market. Each Android has the possibility to differ from the other due to fast development and growth in the information technology sector. Best Android phones do not fail its users, are reliable, efficient and keeps power for a long time. Manufacturers should not target making profits but due to demand of the phones rather, they should consider also owning the title of the best make of Android phones in order to become reliable. The user may realize if they are faulty and quit buying their gadgets since there are many varieties in the market.

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