Long Island group hosting largest vegan Thanksgiving!


Despite growing information about the inhumane treatment of animals, American’s continue to crave turkey dinner’s around the holidays.  As a result, approximately 300 million turkeys are raised and killed each year for their meat.  For the Thanksgiving holiday 45 million turkeys are killed and more than 22 million turkeys are killed at Christmas. (1)

Forty-one million American’s won’t be eating turkey or other meat this Thanksgiving!

A recent Gallup poll found that 13 percent of American’s don’t eat meat.  This means that over 41 million American’s are not going to be eating turkey, ham, burgers, or chicken this Thanksgiving!(2)

Jon Stepanian, founder of Long Island, NY’s Community Solidarity, are planning to make a difference this Thanksgiving by hosting the worlds largest vegan Thanksgiving dinner.  They are planning to serve between 3,500 and 6,000 people. (3)

Community Solidarity group planning worlds largest vegan Thanksgiving dinner hoping to serve between 3,500 and 6,000 people!

Stepanian told Latest Vegan News, “On one side, millions of animals are killed for Thanksgiving and the other side there are thousands of people in our community who go hungry.  We wanted to create an event that would help those people while promoting cruelty-free healthy living.”(3)

Community Solidarity is the worlds largest vegetarian hunger relief program.  The food shares are much like a vegan market where people can come pick up the supplies that they need and enjoy prepared vegan foods.(3)

The Thanksgiving Bonanza stretches from November 21st through November 30th.  The group needs the most hands on November 21st for their all night cooking party that will supply Thanksgiving Food  Shares in Hempstead on November 22nd.(3)

Last year’s Thanksgiving Bonanza shared 85,000 pounds of produce groceries and clothing with 5,500 people in the first two hours!

Last year the group shared 85,000 pounds of produce, groceries and clothing with 5,500 people in the first two hours.  The line was 19 blocks long. The group is expecting this years celebration to be much larger.  An average person coming to the Thanksgiving Bonanza will receive $120 in groceries to provide each family food for the holidays.(3)

An average family of four saves $4,160 in groceries each year by picking up food shares.  This frees up money to help pay mortgages or other expenses.  If that money is saved over 18 years it can also help provide finances necessary for children to attend college.(3)

If you desire to see how you can help, check on Community Solidarity website for donations or to volunteer.  Everyone can help spread vegan love this holiday season!

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Lynn Griffith
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