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Ask any centenarian what their secret is to living beyond 100 years old and you will receive varying responses. One centenarian told me his secret to living a long time was eating and drinking whatever he wanted, as long as it makes him happy; another centenarian told me she made sure she didn’t overeat; another centenarian told me she drank 2 raw eggs for breakfast ever day and had for as long as she can remember.

So, which response is supposed to apply to you? I don’t know. But what I do know is that they don’t really seem to know. We look at them and say to ourselves that they must have figured out how to live longer, because well, they reached 100 years old. Personally, I have seen many 95 year olds still eating Twinkies and donuts for breakfast, and they have never been sick once and I have seen 35 year olds avoiding every junk food they can imagine yet they are still chronically ill every day and only continue to worsen as time goes on.

The Real Question Is WHY Do Some Get Sick Easily And Some Do Not?

After I completed my research, the answer was glaringly obvious, even though the many I interviewed never once mentioned it to me – it’s your immune system! You would think the only defense our body has to fight any virus, bacteria and of course disease, would be at the front of any longevity conversation, but it wasn’t mentioned at all by anyone. When I did ask about what some of those centenarians thought of their immune system, they basically had no real response, other than the generalization that it must be strong, because they never got sick. You see, their immune system was an after-thought. Seriously, if I ate any junk food that made me happy, I would weigh about 400 lbs by now, but I know I can’t eat that junk, because I would get sick, so I don’t. And I rarely overeat already, so is that all I need to do to live beyond 100 years old? That would be great, but then again I have seen friends and family not overeat for decades and still not live past 80 years old. In other words, I can honestly say that I have seen with my own eyes, many people die at 60 years old who did nothing but eat and drink healthy every day, exercise and decrease their stress, and I saw many seniors eat and drink whatever they want their whole life and easily live beyond 100 years old. So again, what’s the real secret to living beyond 100 years old?

Your Immune System

I am convinced after researching and interviewing over the last few decades that your immune system ultimately decides how long you live. This begs the question – how do I strengthen my immune system? Well, the answer is simple – eat and drink every day what naturally strengthens your immune system. Obviously. This does not mean you should go out and buy synthetic vitamin C or take any pills as your nutrition, because pills are foreign matter in your body and depletes your real nutrition reserves causing your immune system to weaken more. The only way to strengthen your immune system is to eat and drink only what you yourself grow or what someone else grows, in other words, your immune system has only 2 requirements for strengthening: 1. 100% Raw and 2. 100% Pesticide-Free/GMO-Free, so pills, tablets, capsules, cooked powders, junk food and anything found in a can or on a store-shelf cannot be 100% Raw and 100% Pesticide-Free/GMO-Free. And just a quick mention – GMO-Free does not mean 100% Pesticide-Free. Again, for at least 1 meal every day, you must consume a 100% RAW and 100% pesticide-free/gmo-free meal. When you do this every day, you will find that your immune system will strengthen gradually and consistently and you could very well become the next centenarian. Just make sure when anyone asks you what is your secret, you tell them, “I strengthened my immune system naturally!”.



Dr Wayne
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