A Little Goes a Long Way: How We Can Save the Planet


We keep forgetting that our host, the planet Earth, is a living being as we are. Everything that we do, everything that we create and express is reflecting on our planet, same as the cells in our body affect our own organism. Earth is a living and breathing organism, and we are not making it easier for her to survive. If we don’t take care of it, soon, the planet will rebel and confront us. But just by giving a little effort, just with a few simple modifications of our behavior, we can still buy precious time for future generations. It is a responsible thing to do now, in a matter of decades it will be the only solution. Take action today and learn how you can do just a little and help so much.


We are producing too much waste. Recycling is now important more than ever. If you are recycling, convince people around you to do the same, and if you do recycle, make sure that you are doing it properly. By doubling the effort, presuming that you are recycling 25% of your waste now, the total could lead up to eight full trash bins less per year. Imagine the numbers if only you and your first neighbors would do the same thing. How much we can actually accomplish if we show that we care? Provide an example, dispose of your trash conscientiously and others will follow. If you understand this problem it is your responsibility to act.


A few decades ago we were worried that we will run out of fossil fuels. Now we should be worried about the fact that we will not. We have already experienced the effects of the climate change and the fact that we are not stopping with the usage of non-renewable energy is illogical. This is not a conspiracy, this is simply the truth. Too many factories and industrial units are depending on the use of oil, gas and coal, this is the only reason why are we still using it because of the 1% of the population that are exploiting us, as well as this planet. You can make a difference today. Turn off the appliances that you are not using at this moment, turn your thermostat down for just one degree, if you are using a desktop computer switch to a laptop instead. All these little things will not just save your money, you will save energy and lives in the process.


It is a matter of time, but clean water will be precious as gold in years to come. At this moment, if we could take the entire water that we have on earth, and reduce it in scale so it could fit your coffee cup, there wouldn’t even be a drop of clean water in it. What are we doing? It is not just the matter of our own survival, we are choosing to ignore that this also affects the wildlife already. Water controls the temperature of our planet, as far as we know there is no life without water, and as our bodies are made of water, more than 80% of it, Earth also needs water to live. We are worried for a reason and the governments are taking this matter seriously because we are all aware how fast we are running out of time. You can help too. Don’t take baths take showers instead. If you have a leak – fix it, a dripping tap can fill a bathtub in a matter of two weeks.


The chemicals that we are using for growing our vegetables and fruits are destroying our soil, and at the end a large amount ends up in our water supply. The chemicals that we are using in our cosmetics produce more damage to our air that we could possibly imagine. We should all eat and make the most of only organic resources, at this very moment at least two forests are being cut down so we can grow cattle on that land for burgers. In a matter of decades, we will be facing pollution and massive extinction of species. Eating healthy is not just good for you it is a way that you are helping our environment. Feel encouraged by this fact and go to health food stores, use products that are natural, and at least one day at a week you can even have a vegan meal. This will help a lot.

One more thing is left that you can do. Plant a tree. Help our planet breathe, so it can help our children do the same thing tomorrow.

Jenny Hahn