Lilly’s Lung Cancer Drug Requires Vitamins To Reduce Death Rate


Alimta, Eli Lilly’s cash cow drug for lung cancer treatment is under attack. Interestingly, Lilly is attempting to defend Alimta’s patent with vitamins! Vitamins are typically discouraged when taking chemotherapy because they interfere with the effectiveness of the drug. Alimta is different. This lung cancer drug requires vitamin treatment. Why? To prevent the drug from killing too many patients before they can cash in!

How Does This Lung Cancer Drug Work?

Alimta, by design, interferes with the metabolic effects of the vitamin folate, allowing it to prevent normal cell division. This stops the growth of cancerous tumor cells. This is the typical mode of operation for most cancer drugs. However, there is no ‘smart drug’ that knows the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells. As a result, healthy cells are killed with chemotherapy as well. This effect of cancer drugs, along with their extreme toxicity, is what makes them so deadly. In fact, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are basically in a race against time. Doctor and patient alike are hoping that the drugs will kill more cancer cells than healthy cells. Otherwise the patient dies – not from cancer – but from cancer drug treatment. Unfortunately, time usually wins and most chemotherapy patients succomb to the toxic effects of the drugs and radiation.

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Lily’s Response To Drug-Related Deaths

Lilly discovered a significant number of deaths caused by their lung cancer drug, Alimta. They also found that by prescribing lung cancer patients folic acid and vitamin B12 along with Alimta, the drug-related death rate reduced sharply. This has now become a required part of their treatment. If all the lung cancer patients are dead, there is no one left to whom they can sell their drug. They estimated that, without the vitamin therapy, sales of Alimta would be 20 to 30 percent less. That is billions of dollars potentially lost. So, it is in their financial interest to prevent patients from dying too quickly. The vitamins are not prescribed to keep the cancer patient healthy, nor to help heal the cancer, but to keep Eli Lilly’s financial profit’s healthy.

Eli Lilly’s patent on the lung cancer drug, Alimta is scheduled to expire in 2017. However, Lily is hoping to extend the patent to 2022 with the addition of the vitamin prescription.  It would be nice if Lily had an altruistic purpose for the addition of vitamins to the drug therapy. It would be great if they intended to improve lung cancer patients’ health and actually help heal lung cancer. However, the addition of folic acid and vitamin B12 simply gives Lily a novel treatment that, they hope, is patentable. If successful, Lily stands to make an additional $15 billion with the patent extension.

Huge Business

The cancer industry is a huge business. This one lung cancer drug alone represented 11 percent ($2.6 Billion) of Lily’s revenue last year. Cancer patients are often desperate and willing to do anything their doctor tells them, hoping to extend their life by just a few more years. Big Pharma has most definitely capitalized on this desperation and fear, presenting their drug therapies as the only viable option to keep cancer patients alive.

Is There A Wellness Solution For Lung Cancer?

As a lung cancer patient, do you have other options? Are there non-toxic solutions for lung cancer? The answer is a resounding YES! Many patients have been healed of cancer and they all have one thing in common. They were not healed by a toxic drug, damaging surgery, or burning radiation. Those who are able to heal themselves of cancer, do so the same way that they heal themselves of a cut on their hand.  They honor the innate healing power of their own bodies! They remove interference in their diet and lifestyle that block the natural healing process and, instead, support their own inborn healing.  They support their bodies with a Wellness lifestyle that is inherently healthy and healing.  The truth is that your body needs no help in healing, it just needs no interference.

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Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer or any other cancer, empower yourself with the knowledge you need to honor your body’s innate healing ability.  Know that you can heal. Focus your mind and body on healing. Remove toxins from your diet and lifestyle, adopt a healing alkaline diet, seek advice on nutritional support, learn effective exercise techniques to optimally oxygenate your body. These wellness principles will create an anti-cancer environment in your body that will actually help you heal, not just survive the toxic effects of chemo for another day. A lack of these things allows lung cancer and disease of all kinds to flourish. However, implementing these will create health and wellness in your mind and body and allow your body to eradicate disease., as well as, are great resources for finding your wellness solution to lung cancer. Start to cancer-proof your body by implementing more wellness lifestyle principles today.

Dr. Brent Hunter
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