Liam Hemsworth is Now Following Veganism


Liam Hemsworth is known for his great physique, just like his brother Chris. Recently, he admitted that he has gotten strict about his diet and what he eats. In Men’s Health, he said that he has been adapting a vegan diet.

Why He Decided Veganism?

According to Liam, he could no longer eat meat because of the pieces of information he has gotten about how animals were mistreated. The more he’s been aware of the mistreatment, the more it was harder for him to eat meat.

Liam consulted a nutritionist to perform and analyze his blood. His nutritionist recommended that red meat is good for him and that it’s safe to eat it more. But the more he ate, the worse he felt about eating.

His co-star in Hunger Games, Woody Harrelson, is also following veganism. This is also the reason he wanted to try it out. With the facts that he has gathered, he has finally made a big decision for his life, i.e. to follow veganism and avoid meat completely.

For five months now, Liam has been eating vegetables and avoiding red meat. This current diet of his is the reason he has full of energy. And his brother, Chris, has also started eating more vegetables, although he hasn’t adapted yet the veganism lifestyle.

Liam said that he felt positive about his overall well-being. He also added that this vegan-diet offers domino effect on the rest of his life.

But he did admit that he has a weakness. He still couldn’t stop craving for cheese pizza. But the last time he ate and indulged was months ago when he was still kind of new to veganism.

Veganism is difficult to adapt, especially if you’re used to eating meat since childhood and you ate less vegetables.

Liam is just one of the celebrities who jumped on the no-meat bandwagon. Who might be next on the list?,,20773383,00.html

Janey Danes
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