The Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea Remedy for Winter Wellness


Winter is a time of year when the body seems more vulnerable to illness and disease. The start of the cold and flu season, along with colder, damper weather and shorter days can together take their toll on the immune system and make it easier to contract a bacterial or viral infection such as bronchitis, the flu or even pneumonia.

However, the good news is that there are natural ways to help strengthen the immune system and keep healthy even during the winter months. Getting adequate rest, exercising regularly, eating right and drinking the lemon ginger turmeric tea remedy given below are all great ways to insure that this cold season will be a healthy one.

The Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea Recipe


  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon ginger powder
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • Juice from ½ of a lemon
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey
  • 1 ½ cups filtered water


Pour water into a small saucepan, then add turmeric, pepper and ginger over medium-high heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Be sure the water does not boil. Strain liquid, pour into a tea cup, then add lemon juice and honey and drink while warm.

How Does this Remedy Work?

The healing properties of this remedy are based upon the medicinal value of its individual ingredients. Here is a breakdown of the health benefits to be had from this tea based on its components:

Turmeric is a natural antioxidant which strengthens the immune system to make it easier to fight off infection and disease; it can also help reduce the pain or inflammation which comes with viral or bacterial infections.Ginger is botanically related to turmeric and shares many of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it is also a naturally warming herb which can ward off the chills that can come with colds or the flu.Pepper is included in this tea because it contains a compound called piperine, which greatly increases the ease with which turmeric is absorbed into the body thus also increasing its health benefits.Honey has been valued for its antimicrobial properties since ancient times and is effective against both bacteria and viruses. It also contains an array of nutrients and enzymes which can support the immune system and help it to fight off pathogens which cause illness.Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C, which is well-known to strengthen the immune system. It also is a natural anti-microbial and astringent agent which helps to naturally fight off viruses and bacteria alike.

So try this remedy tea during the cold season. It is simple and cheap to make, but it is a tonic which can be very effective for warding off various infections and preserving the health during those long winter months.


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