The Legend of the Leo Constellation


How do constellations come to be? Who put them there? Each one of us knows our horoscope and what constellation we fall under but rarely acknowledge their origin and why they are so powerfully intertwined with our daily lives.

Lions by the way they live, present themselves, and rule over their ecosystem, naturally demand the amazement and bewilderment bestowed upon them. This amazement and bewilderment often times translate into a passionate respect and awe due to their glorified personification. From the authority that the alpha male’s mane receives to the fear of the stalking powers felt by entire herds belonging to the female huntress, lions by their very nature are feared by many. But don’t judge too quickly because these same creatures are some of the most loving, nurturing, and docile beings known by man. So it’s a wonder that so few of us are so lucky to be born under such a magnificent constellation.

How did the Leo constellation come to be?
Cultures all over Eurasia recognized the lion constellation prior to the globalization of Christianity. Some of the earliest references throughout history that mention how the Leo constellation came to be come down from the Egyptians. The Egyptians timed the recognition of the Lion with the summer months belonging to July and August because it was during this specific time that lions would appear at the river Nile to drink and cool off. The ancient Egyptians considered felines to have powerful attributes and associated both the cat and the lion with pharos who would later become patrons of Egypt. Such patrons included Maahes, who was a lion-headed god of war as well as god of weather, knives, lotuses, and devouring enemy captives.

A second origin story is passed down to us from the ancient Hellenes, or Greeks, who spoke of the tale of Herakles and the Nemean Lion. Tasked with retrieving the hide of the great Nemean Lion as a part of his 12 labors to King Eurystheus Herakles set off to attack. The Nemean Lion was known to have a hide impenetrable to any sword or arrow wielded by man. Without any weapon Herakles broke the lion’s back using his bare strength. The lion was than forever commemorated amongst the stars of the night sky as an honor to Herakles’ worthy adversary. The Romans too adopted this constellation as Hercules and the Nemean Lion.

The Spirit of Leo the Lion
Leo people are usually first recognized by their style and natural confidence. Leo people are also recognized by their hair as their hair tends to resemble a “main” if worn long or out. However, Leo people are most recognized for their boldness, power, warm-heartedness, loyalty, protectiveness, and logical state of mind.


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