Knowing all about Major Depression


Nowadays, major depression has taken the second rank in the list of life-threatening diseases after heart problems. It is sad to know that this type of depression is now a common issue, which is spreading its wings each day affecting all age groups. 

In fact, major depression is more common among teenagers. If we speak about the western nations, this risky illness is the first cause of any psychological disorder. If one is suffering from a major depressive disorder, he or she will tend to experience a depressed mood all the time as well as declined pleasure in daily tasks or hobbies. 

In children who suffer from major depression, an irritating behavior is often noticed rather than low mood. In fact, people suffering from this depression think more of committing a suicide.

>> Causes of Major Depression

If major depression is critical or severe, then its strong cause is likely biological instead of being psychological. This raises a question as to whether genetics is the major cause of this depression or is it stress. Therefore, a careful investigation done in this area says that both play an important role in inducing and contributing to major depression.

As per this study, stress will generally be the key factor responsible during the initial two major depressive episodes and then it will vanish in the following ones. However, genetics and one’s nature tend to be the foremost factors causing the remaining depressive episodes.

With the above analysis, it is clear that stress actually indicates the onset of the major depression and as the illness gains its impetus, stress is not required at all to nurture it. This is a general trend that is found in several cases. So, stress, temperament, and genetics should be targeted evenly during the treatment of major depression.

Sometimes, it is possible that even physiological factors can increase the severity of the depressive symptoms that are mild or moderate initially. If this happens, then your depression will take no time to become the major one. Such factors can be drug abuse, a medicine taken to treat some already present medical condition, and sometimes even diseases such as hypothyroidism. Even more apparent causes can be the death of the most loved one or parent or divorce.

>> Main Symptoms 

The signs of this kind of severe depression primarily induce clinical pain and also widely and badly impact the personal, occupational, and social life of an individual. Listed below are the main signs of major depression, which are observed in a period of 15 days (2 weeks).

  • Unhappy mood
  • Declined pleasure or interest

Keep in mind that these symptoms should take place not because of the physiological effects, but due to some personal traumatic event like death or divorce for confirming a major depression. If these symptoms remain for a prolonged period say over two months, then you will also observe more signs such as thoughts of suicide, psychotic issues, and psychomotor retardation.

Listed below are the major depressive disorder signs that will tend to occur either every day or for two weeks at the minimum.

  • A substantial hike or decline in weight without any dedicated efforts
  • Too much sleep
  • Retardation
  • Low energy levels without much work or burden
  • Fatigue
  • Persisting sentiment of guilt
  • Declined attention or concentration
  • Negative thinking
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts

>> Problems with Major Depressive Disorder

These problems are many and sometimes they seem unexplanatory. Listed below are the core problems.

  • Social mutilation
  • Sad mood
  • Aggression, more in the young ones who are above 18

>> Associated Problems

  • Feeling guilty or worthless without any obvious reason
  • Chronic fatigue experienced throughout the day
  • Too less concentration
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns like getting up early morning
  • Eating disorders like eating too less
  • Absence of expressions – no talking, no emotion, and no movements too
  • Problems in severe disorder
  • Too much fear of certain things
  • Panic attacks
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Tension without any need
  • Over dependency
  • Memory issues
  • Poor health

>> Treatment

The best way to treat major depression is to approach a medical expert as soon as possible. And the best treatment, in theory, is prevention. It’s best to solve small problems before they can grow larger and be able to create more damage.

Live your life to the fullest and stay away from negative energy that can make you or those around you down and depressed.




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