Do You Know the Difference Between Red and White Stretch Marks?


Red stretch marks and white stretch marks are not at all that different. The only thing that does make them different is their overall color. This is where the only difference does lie between them.

What are Red Stretch Marks?

Red stretch marks are the stretch marks that do show up in the very beginning of a stretch mark’s existence. They indicate newness or freshness from a stretch mark stance. It doesn’t matter if the stretch mark is light pink in color, or a deep dark of red, both colors do mean that the stretch mark has just begun and this is all that it does signify at the end of the day.

What are White Stretch Marks?

White stretch marks are something that proudly reveal that they have been around for a long time. A long time can be several months or even years. It all depends on the stretch mark itself, where it is located on the body specifically, and the type of stretch mark that it is. White stretch marks are pretty much like silver ones in detail. They just indicate they are mature and have been available for a long while.

Are there any other Color Stretch Marks?

Purple is another popular stretch mark color. This is because purple can be just like red, and this is because, purple represents new in the same manner as does the red color for stretch marks. Purple is usually visible due to the capillaries that are located up under the stretch mark itself. The capillaries are responding in their own way to the stretching of the dermis or middle layer of the skin. Therefore, they will appear purplish in tone. Another color of stretch marks is silver. This color is usually one that indicates a stretch mark is old in nature.

What Causes these Colors in Stretch Marks?

These colors are caused in stretch marks due to the status of that stretch mark. If a stretch mark is new, the colors can be red or white, and when they are much older, they are white or silver in appearance. These colors just state what kind of stretch mark it is you are looking at overall. Stretch marks that are newer in description are easier to care for and easier to get rid of at the end of the day. Any stretch marks that have been around for a much longer duration will be harder to get rid of overall.

Do these Colors Go Away or Do They Stay?

Stretch mark colors can hang around a while. Whether or not the colors doe remain does depend on two things. These two things are no other than the type of stretch mark that it is and where it is situated exactly on the human body. Stretch marks aren’t something that just come and go. They are something that tend to hang around and these colors can identify exactly how long it is they have hung around. These colors are just a tag of identification for them.


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