Kids Injuries: Physical & Mental Injuries


Children’s playground is something both kids and their parents look forward to. The kids get to meet their neighborhood friends while parents can socialize or get some me time. School playgrounds are equally attractive and kids eagerly wait for the recess time so they can hop on to that swing or slide.

One aspect, however, that is sometimes ignored is playground injuries. The playground is not all fun and games and astonishing numbers of injuries take place over there each day.While some of these are not very serious, fatal accidents also do take place. Emergency departments in the U.S. receive around 59,000 children below the age of 15 years who have sustained playground injuries on an annual basis, with children between 5 and 9 years being the majority and females taking the lead (as reported by American Pediatric Association). While outdoor activity is definitely a necessary part of childhood, it is also important to take precautions when going to the playground.

There are a number of ways these injuries can take place and a proper understanding of these and the playground equipment is necessary to prevent any physical, emotional and mental distress to children and their family.


Most of the injuries in the playground among children are due to falls (75% as reported by American Pediatric Association). It could be when they decide to jump off the monkey bars or simply lose their grip or leap off the swing when in midair. You do not know what kids might do and there is little you can do to avoid falls. However, educating them is an option. It is also important to keep a constant check on them while they are playing. It may not always be possible but try to have a cushioned and shock absorbing surface that would minimize injuries.


Slides are not really harmful unless the kids decide that they want their friends to come along at the same time. It is then that it becomes serious. Tibia fractures become a possibility because if the leg of the child in front gets stuck, the child behind him crashes into him since he obviously could not stop himself sliding down. This can also happen when children are made to sit in an adult’s lap and both take the slide together. It is best to teach the kids to go on slides one by one and, again, supervise them in the playground.


While it may not seem to be a very apparent risk, strangulation is another cause of playground injury.This happens when cords hang out of hoodies or jackets or kids are wearing scarves, making them susceptible to get twisted in the equipment, presenting a risk of strangulation. It is advised to avoid these kinds of clothing when in the playground. It is always better to take such precautions rather than lamenting over the unwanted consequence later, especially when it is about something as serious and important as your child’s safety.


While this factor is not directly due to equipment or games, this does happen in the playgrounds and sometimes it can turn out to be quite ugly. Playgroundshappen to be an easy place for bullies to target their victims because they are usually secluded and adults are not around all the time.Verbal and emotional abuse can very quickly turn physical as well, not that the former is any less damaging, and the injuries resulting may or may not be serious. If you feel that your child is being bullied at school, consulting the school administration is the first step you need to take to ensure your child’s safety.

Keep a Check

As parents it’s your ultimate responsibility to make sure your child is feeling comfortable out there while playing and you need to go out with them in order to be double sure about things and if not make your home your kids heaven. Buy them a video games or tablet with all the latest games that refresh their energies and minds so that they don’t obstinate for going out. You should also have friendly relationships with your child’s friends and their parents as this is the environment and social circle your child grows up in and you should not hesitate in having healthy discussions with their parents. This will develop a sound relationship between your child and their friends if both of the families are connected.

In case a child has gotten himself injured while playing, his parents or teachers, or any other adults around need to attend to him right away. First aid kit should be readily available in case of minor injuries such as a small cut or nosebleed, but if it is something serious, it is important for the child to be taken to the hospital immediately. In several cases, timing is very important and any delay in providing medical care could easily prove to be disastrous.

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