Kids, Cancer and Gluten Free: Ethan’s Doctor report “Remission!!!”


It has been a while since I last posted regarding Ethan’s cancer and using gluten free in his diet. What a journey!

Ethan had his followup appointment a week ago and all the scans, PET, MRI and blood work show NO CANCER!

Ethan is in full remission at this time and his next visit will be for chest Xrays as Ewing’s Sarcoma if it comes back usually shows up in the lungs.

While in the visit the doctor was amazed at how well he was doing and then began sharing with the new doctor and nurses there how Ethan’s recovery was in large part due to the kicked up nutrition and gluten free diet I had put him on. She then encouraged me to go the next level in that I should create a brochure for them to give out to families and patients about what I did with Ethan, what to watch for in food cravings, ie. craving vitamin C relates to cravings of anything citrus and hot pepper etc.

I spoke with the medical staff about helping to get rid of the junk food snacks in the hospital pantries and the outpatient clinic pantry and put in only healthy items including my gluten free muffins for starters.

The timing couldn’t be better as i have taken two mixes i created 100% whole grain naturally gluten free Genesis1 Baking Blend and Genesis1 Bread mix (also a cup4cup flour blend to use in any conventional recipe) and are now entering HyVee Grocery Stores in the upper Midwest plus TailorMadeNutrition Store in Woodbury Minnesota also online and my website

However, in order to supply the pantries it has to be donated. So in order to set this in motion without going into debt and until online and store sales increase I have started a gofundme website. I just put it up and you can see it here:

The biggest key to health is listening to your body. What cravings are you or a loved one having? You may be surprised just how clearly our body speaks! Here is a link to a good food chart to help you get started.

I encourage everyone with a health issue or even if healthy when your body comes under attack to pay attention to what the body is asking for and research those items. Chances are it won’t be just one food but two or three and when you see what vitamins and minerals etc are in them you will see your body giving you a basic protocol it needs to heal itself. You can doctor yourself to a great extent!

Nutrition is that important!!

Blessings until next time! And check out the Mom on a Mission GoFundMe site!


Laura Halfpenny
I have been nicknamed Mom on a Mission. Mother of 5, one hubby, 5 cats, 1 dog, 36 chickens
My mission has been of nutrition, beating childhood cancer and going gluten free. My now 14 year old son was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma of the right hip in 2011. It was during this difficult time and using various suppliments and gluten free foods our son is now in remission.
Because of this remarkable recovery I started Versameal LLC having created the first ever 100% whole grain naturally gluten free baking and bread mix without the use of starches, gums or chemicals such as mythylcellulose.