Kidney Detox Tea from a Tree Bark?


Give Your Kidneys a Helping Hand

Lets face it, we put our kidneys through a lot and most of us never give it any thought. The truth is everything that enters our blood stream has to be filtered through the kidneys. The kidneys do the dirty job of grabbing the toxins and with the help of water, passing them along the urinary track for disposal.

With most healthy individuals that maintain a great level of hydration the kidneys do their job without a hitch. But the modern life style can sometimes take a toll. The constant impact of environmental toxins along with insufficient water intake, after time can lead to serous issues and in extreme cases even kidney failure. So why don’t we take a minute from our hectic schedule to brew a healthy detox tea that also tastes great?


Why You Should Drink KidneyWood Tea

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never heard of kidneywood, or Palo Azul tea. This potent detoxing tea has yet to be discovered by the main stream, but expect to hear alot about it as time goes on. It’s not new, as a matter a fact its been used by Mexican medicine men/women for thousands of years. It can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, treat urinary track infection and cleanse the kidneys as well as the entire urinary system.

It happens to be such a powerful natural detox tea that currently it’s most popular use is to detox urine of drug metabolites. The average person may use it to prevent stones from forming or once every few months to maintain clean, healthy kidneys and urinary track.

A word caution: This tea does an excellent job of draining out toxins and is a strong diuretic.  Consuming more water will assist in flushing out your system. Otherwise, there have been no ill effects/side effects recorded. This makes Kidneywood a safe way to cleanse out toxins.


Making KidneyWood Tea

First, Kidneywood goes by many names, the most popular name is “Palo Aul”, which translates into “Blue Stick”. It usually comes in a tea bag form or as wood chips. I prefer the chips but keep in mind the chips take alot longer to make from chips than it does in tea bag form.


Two Ways to Make the Tea:

  • From Tea Bags: The easiest way to make Blue stick tea is with tea bags. The procedure is the same as normal. Heat up some water, pour it into a cup, drop in a bag and give it some time to infuse. Usually a minute or two than its ready to drink. You can add some honey and/or lemon if you like, it wont effect the potency of the tea.
  • From Bark or Chips: If your like me and don’t mind taking some extra time, the bark is the way to go. Bark is usually fresher, more potent, costs less and produces tea in that blueish tint that it gets its name from. Keep in mind that some suggest drinking large amounts of the tea, but I would rather make a gallon or so and drink it cold through out a week or two.


Making the tea from bark is a multi step processes that includes boiling a gallon or so of water, adding the Kidneywood bark chips and letting it reduce down. If you are trying to detox from drug or other heavy toxins this is the best method. For complete directions check out one of the links below under listed “Sources”.


In Conclusion

I bet the first time you try KidneyWood tea, you’ll fall in love. This tea has a light vanilla taste and really nice blue hue, depending on how you make it, that makes it really stick out from other teas and detoxes. Its a great way to keep your system clean and even drop some water weight. I enjoy making a gallon over the summer and drinking it cold like normal iced tea. It’s awesome when some thing that tastes so good can be good for you!




Renne Crespo
Renee Cresspo is a Professional Fitness Trainer with a degree in Nutrition and Sports Medicine. Renne has written articles for numerous publications and currently author of , a site dedicated to helping woman develop a healthy physique through proper diet and exercise.