Keep The Bugs Away With a Homemade Non-Toxic Mason Jar Repellent


Nothing ruins a summer like an invasion of bugs. With spring and summer just around the corner, you know that those bugs are already making plans to ruin your outdoor parties and activities.

You usually can’t see them until they’re already biting you, so you’re stuck having to layer on countless amounts of bug spray with lots of chemicals in them. These chemicals can cause health issues and skin reactions but they seem to be the only way to avoid these nasty insects.

Enjoy your Summer nights with the help of scented glass jars topped with floating candles that keep bugs away.

Supplies You Need:

4 Mason Jars (you can also recycle jelly jars, etc)
40 Drops each – Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Thieves essential oils
2 Fresh lemons
2 Fresh limes
8 Sprigs fresh rosemary
Floating tea light candles


-Cut the lemons and the limes and put apart some for a minute – I like to have two each, yet you can anyway utilize one each
-Into each jar put two sprigs of rosemary
-Fill each jar 3/4 full with water
-Add 10 drops each per jarof the essential oils of your choice, and mix gently
-Into each jar put a slice each of lemon and lime
-If needed add more water to raise the level to nearly full
-Place a floating tea light candle on top
-Set outside and light them up *
-Replace tea lights as required –extras will come in handy!
-After 2 – 3 days throw away the fruits and liquid in the jar; wash the jars good and make a new mix!

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