Kale’s active ingredients combat cancer


Kale has become increasingly popular in recent times as more people discover not only its delicious flavor but also learn more about the many health benefits it can bring. And more evidence shows that one of these benefits is a reduced risk of cancer development.

Cancer remains a serious threat to human health and is one of the top ten killers in the United States and other countries around the world. Kale, however, has shown to be able to strengthen the immune system and also to stop the conversion of some lesions into cancerous cells; studies have shown this to be the case for oral, colorectal, breast, prostate, kidney and esophageal cancers, some of the most common forms of the cancer in existence.

Kale’s active ingredients deactivate cancer cells

Kale’s anticancer properties are derived largely from its collection of active compounds, including indoles like I3C and isothiocynates. This isothiocynates are derived from the glucosinolates which kale is rich in and were first observed to have anticancer properties by Chinese researchers, who later published their results in the distinguished journal, Nature. In that study, these compounds were shown to be able to deactivate carcinogenic cells and to increase the body’s ability to detoxify and remove them from the body. This study has since spurred others that have also taken a look at myriad effects kale can have on reducing cancer risk.

Kale and igA

Immunoglobulin A (IgA), plays an important role in the body’s immune system, as it is responsible for supporting the healthy function of the mucosal lining of the genitourinary, respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, all of which are very important as a first-line defense against invading pathogens. If IgA is weak, the musical lining is more likely to be invaded by bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing agents and these can then enter the bloodstream and compromise the cells, leading to atypical cellular division and possibly paving the way for cancer. Kale’s active compounds are able to support IgA and therefore the overall health of the body.

In short, then, if someone is interested in kale as a dietary means of reducing cancer risk, then eating in fresh in salads or steaming it is an excellent way to prepare them. If the kale is tossed in a little coconut oil and raw minced garlic is added, these healthful foods also will enhance the natural, anti-cancer benefits that keep the body free from this serious disease.

So consider adding kale to salads, soups, casseroles or other dishes to increase overall intake of this amazing vegetable. Its active ingredients will help strengthen the body’s own natural defenses against cancer and other chronic conditions and will give an array of other health benefits in the process. It has really earned its status as one of the greatest of the superfoods.


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