Just Say Know, The New York Times Full Page Marijuana Ad


Page 17 of The New York Times featured a full page ad by Leafly, a self-proclaimed unbiased informational portal and shopping guide for marijuana. On their official site, they say “Our CEO, Brendan Kennedy, reiterated our commitment to helping New York medical cannabis patients find the information they need to become informed and educated patients under the new act.”

The ad runs following a six-part series in the publication published last month favoring the legalization of marijuana, sometimes referred to as cannabis. It was also published to almost coincide with Governor Cuomo’s signing of the Compassionate Care Act. Leafly says that the ad was under development for more than 18 months.

The ad seems to try to change the stigma faced by marijuana users, with a seemingly fit and healthy woman jogging in the forefront and a man dressed in business attire in the background. Next to the woman, a chat bubble says “While fighting cancer, Molly preferred a sativa cannabis.” and a chat bubble next to the man says “Ian chose an indica cannabis strain to relive his MS symptoms.”

Seattle-based Privateer Holdings’ website, Leafly, claims to be the go-to source for learning about strains, as well as where people can find it.

New York is the 24th state to make marijuana legal (for medical purposes if certain requirements are met. General and recreational use is still illegal, although punishment for being in possession of small amounts will only result in a fine.

With more than half of Americans now in favor of marijuana legalization, most believe it’s only a matter of time before it becomes legal across the entire U.S. Brendan Kennedy says that while many people still perceive marijuana as a sub-culture, the fact is that isn’t the reality anymore.

Veronica Davis