What is Juicing ? – Part 2


Juicing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to provide the nutrition required to live a healthy active life.

In Part 1 we looked at the basics of Juicing and its health benefits.

Part 2 covers some key Juicing Tips and Recipes.


Juicing Tips

Perhaps the secret to Juicing is  simplicity. It cuts meal preparation time in half, it cleanses the digestive system (where 70% of our immune system is situated) and it can put one firmly on the road to glowing health. On the downside, ingredients can be expensive, but then how much is your health worth to you?


1. Organic Produce

As always, organic produce is best – as they have more minerals and trace minerals. Peel the skin off produce first.

2. Not All Juicers Are Created Equal

You’ll want to look for a masticating juicer that can juice your green leaves and is super easy to clean.

Consult an expert to find the most suitable juicer for you.

3. Fiber

Juicing separates out fiber. You can get fiber by eating whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains and legumes.


Juicing Recipes

Step 1: Start with a Mild Green Juice

1 Apple

2 Carrots

½ a Cucumber

2 Celery Sticks


Once you’ve gotten use to this mild Green Juice, you can begin to add some dark green leaves (See Step 2).


Step 2: Growing Stronger Green Juice


1 Apple

1 Whole Cucumber

2 Carrots

Handful of red or green lettuce leaves

Handful of spinach


Step 3: The Real Deal Green Juice


1 Apple

1 Whole Cucumber

1 Pack of Celery

½ bag of spinach

½ a lemon

½ a lime


Adding a wedge of lemon or lime or both to your juice makes it very refreshing and hides the taste of the stronger leaves.

Ultimately, as previously mentioned, the food we eat does not just randomly affect us, it becomes us.

By simply ADDING IN the foods the body was designed to eat, the foods that have been missing, the body does the rest for us. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, cleanse and detox or simply look and feel great, juicing provides a simple, healthy way to get there.



For Juicers in the US:  Click Here.

For Juicing  Recipes: www.superfoods.co.za

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