Juice fasting, feasting, liquid diet….whatever you call it…


Juice fasting is one of the best ways to stimulate the immune system, purge the body on a cellular level of  toxins, rebuild cells, cleanse the entire body and organs, etc.  The body and it’s digestive system use approximately 20 percent of it’s overall energy capacity. Just chewing, digesting, assimilating, etc take a tremendous amount of energy….this is where fasting and liquid diets really work there magic! Once the body is freed of digesting it can go to work on deep cleansing of the blood and organs of the body.

If you are trying to lose weight, fasting is IMO the best way of achieving your goals. Along with changing diet, real liquid  fasts can speed up metabolism and create an environment for real and lasting weight loss! The problem most people are facing today is cellular toxicity. Meaning, the body is holding weight because of all the toxins that it’s holding onto in the cells. Cleansing the body of these toxins is the first step towards optimal health and actually seeing the pounds come off.

Diets and even some spin off fasting diets can throw the body out of whack and cause weight to fluctuate.  Protein drinks during fasting are needless and prevent the body from actually entering a fasting state, thus throwing body chemistry out of whack . The body, especially with a lot of excess weight can fast for a long period on liquid only. Protein is utilized differently while in a fasting state. Bodily functions are normalized during fasting and homeostasis can occur.

Short 3 to 5 day fasts are the best way to start.  My first cleanse lasted 20 days and I was able to lose over 25 lbs for good during that time. I do think longer fasts have the ability to heal organs and fix other problems in the body….but shorter more frequent fasts are easier, especially in our busy lifestyles.  Fasting once a month or 1 day a week is highly recommended for optimal health, healing and preventing other issues.

Here is a easy to follow plan with everything you will need to do a juice cleanse.

Cut out alcohol, smoking and coffee at least a few days before starting the cleanse. This makes headaches and other cravings easier to handle during the actual cleanse. If going on a fast of 3 or more days, it’s best to eat mostly or all raw a day or two before starting. This starts the cleansing process and makes the fast typically easier. Though, in my experience, I like to get right into it, then take a day or three after fasting to slowly get back to normal eating. Raw foods, soups, fiber like chia, bananas and other soft foods are recommend after the fast. Also a good dose of high quality probiotics are a good idea after the cleanse.

Purchasing and using an enema kit during the cleanse is a great idea. Some may disagree with this, but I strongly believe assisting the body in the removal of toxins during fasting is very helpful. Saunas if you have energy, baths with epsom salts, coffee enemas can all be very helpful during a cleanse. The body is burdened with toxic by products during fasting and the blood is toxic. Coffee enemas greatly reduce toxicity during fasting and any other time for that matter. My personal favorite of all cleansing techniques! No I’m not addicted….they are just simply easy to do and very beneficial to overall health and well being! Get on the coffee!

During the actual fast drink as much fresh pressed juice as you like! Juice mostly greens, with lots of carrots, some apples, celery and cucumber, lemon, lime, etc! Stay low on sugar and or fruit juices in general. Drink as much herbal tea as you like! Try to stick to herbal teas though, but green tea seems to be ok! A veggie broth can also be consumed, just be sure to strain your juices and broths! Only liquid! With the broth, add as many veggies as you can, stay away from pepper and or salt! I personally don’t like the broth, but some find it nice during a fast, especially since you will seem cold usually during fasting.

Skin brushing, drinking non flouridated water and chlorine free, also using all natural products, soaps, toothpaste, deoderants, etc are wise during fasting and ALWAYS in life!

Simple plan that can really change the internal problems  many are facing today! Fasting is really easy once you are committed to changing the paradigm of your well-being! Start with 1 day, do it right, and see if it’s for you! Food is an addiction  more than any other drug on the planet, IMO….the discipline factor is reason enough to commit your mind to doing a fast without food for a time!

Health is Wealth! I wish you all great health!