Is There A Safe Weight Loss Detox Diet?


Many people shy away from even trying detox diets because of the side effects associated with them. Many weight loss detox diets popularized by celebrities call for severe dietary restrictions. Some may only allow you to drink  fruit juices or concoctions of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper the whole day. This will leave you with little or no energy and and when you finish the detox and start to eat a normal diet again, you will regain all the weight you lost plus even more.

There is good news, though. Not all detox diet plans have these same harsh side effects. There are good detox diet programs that can help you lose weight naturally and gradually. The main reason for detoxing for weight loss is to purge the toxins from your fat cells that upset the weight control system.

If you have found it hard to lose weight in the past and keep it off then try a detox diet to get rid of toxins that interfere with the delicate weight control mechanism.

Toxins Everywhere

The biggest contributors to the load of chemical toxins that accumulate in our bodies is what we eat and drink, what we put on our skins and what we breathe in. We are bombarded with so many toxins every day that our detox systems simply cannot cope. The toxins build up in our tissues where they can interfere with the hormones that are involved in weight control.

An effecive weight loss detox diet is not a diet that is very restrictive but one that uses foods that contain the nutrients known to help rev up the detox pathways. The aim is to give the body enough calories to operate and get the right nutrients into your body so your detox system can work better.

It highlights the value of healthy eating in conjunction with exercise to produce fast, safe and healthy weight loss.

You can also enhance the detox with detox teas, massage, saunas and detox baths. Purging the toxins from your body can help you get a clean slate before you begin a healthy diet and fitness program.

Other Benefits of A Weight Loss Detox Diet

Detoxifying the body for weight loss is not the only benefit of detox diet, there are a few other benefits you will get that will also contribute to weight loss. These include:

Boosted energy levels:

With the completion of your detox diet, you will feel that your energy has been renewed. You will have more energy and mental clarity to carry out the exercises that form part of a healthy lifstyle.

You will feel healthier:

At the end of the detox program, you will feel healthier because your body will regain its original performance. You will eat better, absorb better and also utilize the food you eat adequately because of improved metabolism.

You will sleep better:

If your body is laden with a lot of toxins, even sleeping becomes a problem. Once you complete the detox program, you will sleep better and this will also help with weight loss.

It is clear that detoxifying your body is vital if you were to lose weight. Forget detox diets that require you to starve or eat extraordinary things only to gain the weight after completing the diet. On the other hand, you can choose a weight loss detox program that offers long term effects but in a natural and gradual manner.

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Sandy Halliday