Is Sick and Tired The New Normal?


As we age we stop playing like we did as little kids. We don’t run around, climb and jump over things, duck under tables or slide across floors anymore. The old adage “if you don’t use it you’ll lose it” is based in truth. Adults generally are nowhere near as flexible or resilient as kids.

When you are little you are full of energy and vitality. Where does that go? More importantly, does it have to go?

As we grow into adulthood priorities shift. Work becomes a focus. Usually this isn’t a very physically active task, at least not as much so as playing on the monkey bars at recess. Becoming more sedentary leads to weight gain, muscle loss and decreased flexibility. Taking care of your family may detract from “me time” as well. You are no longer focused on taking care of yourself, but of someone else – be it kids, a husband, aging parents, pets, you name it. What seems to get lost in the shuffle is “us”.

We are important. YOU are important. Taking time to take care of you isn’t indulgent, it’s vital. If you fail to do this you will wear out and be no good to yourself or anyone else.

As health issues arise for many what we deem “feeling good” can change. We seem to forget what it was like to wake up full of energy, pop out of bed and greet the day with a smile. Think of Christmas morning as a child – how excited you always were that Santa had come the night before. It is 4 am and you are wide-eyed and ready to open gifts. This, ideally is how we all want to feel. It’s how we SHOULD feel. Health and vitality ARE our natural state of being.

So how do we end up “sick and tired”?

It’s a progression. Over time we eat food that may not be the best nutritionally, we breathe air that isn’t pure, we are exposed to toxins in the water we drink, medications we consume, toxic emotions we put off dealing with, products we put on our bodies and just in daily life. Lack of sleep and stress are major contributing factors as well. Over the years there is a build up.

Toxins store themselves in our bodies, hiding in our fat cells and manifesting as sluggishness, illness and disease. Now add to this lack of movement and exercise and what you end up with can be a slowing down and even degeneration of the body.

As this happens we seem to get conditioned little by little to a lesser and lesser grade of feeling good. When this compounds year after year the bar we measure how we feel drops like a limbo stick at a frat party.

What we considered a normal feel good day in our teens and twenties, it seems we could only dream of in our forties, fifties, sixties and beyond. As this quality of feeling and energy for life tapers off, many attribute it to old age.

I believe that is just a justification, and excuse. You may not even be aware that you aren’t feeling as good as you could. Over time we are lulled into believing that perfect health is an impossible goal and our solution is to medicate, patch, mend and simply try and maintain the level we are currently. This simply isn’t true.

Treat your body well and it will respond. You didn’t get to this reduced state over night and there is no miracle pill that will fix it for you (contrary to what the pharmaceutical and medical industries bombard us with in advertising).

Your return to health will be made one day, one decision and one step at a time, and you are the only one who can get yourself there.

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