Is Healthy The New Wealthy?


Over the centuries there have been ever-changing cues as to a persons wealth and societal status. They have ranged from designer clothing and expensive jewelry to sought after luxury cars, admired possessions and lavish sprawling estate homes. Even pale skin was at one time, an indicator that you came from money – Once in fashion because it signified that you did not have to work outside in the hot sun, enjoying a more affluent lifestyle, it then flip-flopped to where having a beautiful golden suntan suddenly silently declared “I have more than enough time to spend relaxing and doing as I please, not slaving away in an indoor fluorescent lit office environment.”

Up till recently these symbols have all been outwardly visible.

But as times and society change it leaves me wondering –

Is the new “wealthy” – Good Health?

Dollars & Sense

Navigating the health care and food industries these days can be perplexing to say the very least. With GMO foods, toxins, fluoride in the water, chemtrails in the sky and Obamacare threatening to do the very opposite of what it promised, actually raising health care costs, even the most knowledgeable of us get tripped up. While being informed certainly helps, what seems to be the biggest factor in being able to keep yourself healthy is coming down to dollars, not just sense.
The cards are purposefully being stacked against all of us. Inexpensive junk and fast foods that are flashed across your TV screen on a daily if not hourly basis are priced cheaply and have the easiest access, after all, you don’t even have to get out of your car to have a 99cent hamburger and a heaping helping of oil soaked fries. What that burger actually contains is anyone’s guess, but it is fast, cheap and easy.


Once you have done your research you will find that organic non-GMO non-processed foods are the only way to go if you truly want to be healthy. Organic foods tend to be priced a good deal higher than their not so healthy traditionally grown chemical laden counterparts.

Just as importantly healthy drinking water is vital. After all the human body is comprised of around 60% water. Do you trust tap water or bottled water manufacturers? Contaminants in tap water can include bacteria, microorganisms, human and animal feces, medications, heavy metals and even toxic chemicals. The sources of many bottled waters are undisclosed, so you really don’t know for sure where your water is coming from. In recent years some bottled water manufacturers have even been busted simply using local tap water. Purchasing high quality water filtration systems is not an inexpensive undertaking. They can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for whole house models and the filters need to be replaced on a regular basis as well.


Many people are choosing to turn to alternative more natural therapies and preventive care rather than staying with the old the standard of the western medicine approach – simply treating symptoms with potentially harmful medications that do not address the actual cause. These alternative treatments can include chiropractic, massage, reiki, hypnosis, acupuncture, aromatherapy, medicinal essential oils, vitamins, herbs, supplements, minerals, energy healing, reflexology, ear candling, body wraps, internal cleansing and detoxification and many more. None of which is covered by traditional health insurance. So you may be paying high monthly premiums and the care you want still ends up as a totally separate and additional expense.


What happens if you do get sick?


Even if you have health insurance, which with Obamacare is very likely to raise your premium, most still have a yearly deductible to meet. Your first doctor patient interactions will come out of your pocket. Here again, those with money are far more likely to seek medical attention because if you don’t have the money to go to the doctor, you simply cannot go.


Not taking care of yourself on a preventative level often leads, over time, to the break down of the body. By making clean healthy water and food so expensive it is out of reach to the average American consumer combined with the ever rising astronomical cost of traditional health care many are unable to afford what is needed to remain in a state of health or to adequately care for themselves once illness or disease sets in.


Health is very quickly becoming the new status symbol for wealth here in America, and that needs to change.

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