Iodine–The “Universal Medicine”–will it be enough to save us from the effects of radiation poisoning?

From THE IODINE CRISIS: WHAT YOU DON”T KNOW ABOUT IODINE CAN WRECK YOUR LIFE by Lynne Farrow, published by Devon Press. Available on Amazon and Ms. Farrow’s webpage link below.
*Permission granted from the author to use information from her book

Long before synthetic thyroid hormones were considered the “standard of care” for thyroid issues, Iodine was considered by doctors to be the “Universal” medicine.

According to Ms Farrow: Iodine was discovered, quite by accident, in 1811 by French chemist Bernard Courtois.  Courtois worked in the family business making gunpowder. When Courtois ran out of a necessary ingredient—wood ash—he decided to substitute seaweed. Seaweed was abundant on the shores of Normandy where he lived and worked. Courtois burned the seaweed in a copper container and then accidentally poured too much sulfuric acid on the ashes. Courtois was awestruck by the intense violet vapor that appeared and knew he had stumbled onto something big. But Courtois was a poor man, and could not afford to research this new element. Instead he gave the shiny graphite crystals formed from the vapors to his wealthy chemist friends, many of whom tried to claim credit for the discovery of iodine. Courtois died penniless despite his remarkable scientific discovery. This use of iodine was the first time a single element was used to reduce the appearance of goiter. His discovery led to the birth of Western medicine. But long before the discovery of iodine, ancient civilizations hoarded seaweed.  There is documented and radiocarbon dated evidence of the use of seaweed as far back as 15,000 years ago by cultures all around the world—many of whom are geographically located far from the sea.  Iodine rich seaweed, the world’s oldest nutrient, was used by prehistoric healers as both food and medicine. Eventually researchers identified the naturally occurring element iodine as the active ingredient. The ancients just knew it worked.

(thanks to Lynne Farrow and “The Iodine Crisis” for the historical perspective).

The mineral rich salt iodine is released when rocks decompose during the process of weathering. It is dissolved in rainwater and then carried to the oceans from rivers. While much of the salt remains in the ocean in sea vegetables, some iodine evaporates and is returned to the soil by means of rainfall, dew, and snow.

(This is the reason environmental disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima are so dangerous. Once the soil, air, and water in these areas is contaminated with the radioactive form of iodine, it becomes a vicious cycle of spreading soil to sea, sea to air, and back. Once contaminated, the soil can never be farmed, the sea is polluted, and the air carries toxic halogens as well.)

According to Ms. Farrow: Iodine use in the 1800s went far beyond thyroid issues. Van Gogh used iodine in the 1800s after contracting syphilis. Civil War Soldiers carried iodine canteens to purify water and treat wound infections. Women used iodine topically to relieve pain from cystic breasts.  Iodine vapors were inhaled for lung issues, asthma, and croup. This is why iodine was considered “universal medicine.”  It was used for an amazing number of diseases from deafness and paralysis to gangrene and stomach ulcers.

Iodine was used by both allopathic medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors as well. Kelpasan was formulated from Kelp by Dr. A. Vogel, a nature doctor, and used for many years for thyroid support. Homeopaths formulated Graphitis 6x.

There were no pharmacological test groups or “Google” searches. Like all natural cures, word of mouth spread quickly. Patients reported their personal success to each other. Information was passed down from generation to generation. By 1899, Iodine was listed in the Merck Manual as the substance most used for tumors.

Wait—TUMORS? Yes, tumors; particularly of the BREAST.

The Merck Manual was (and is) the authoritative, world best selling medical textbook.

So if the world’s leading medical textbook and hundreds of thousands of articles documented the absolute, undeniable proof of the effectiveness of iodine for a massive number of conditions— including TUMORS—-

Then why doesn’t anyone know about iodine today?  What did iodine do to fall out of favor?

Absolutely nothing.

In a book I have mentioned before, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”,  author Thomas Kuhn talks about how often times one theory can become so entrenched and protected by an “ivory tower,”  that the validity of the theory is no longer questioned. And the theory could be based upon an incorrect assumption that is so far from the truth but so deeply entrenched that true scientific research neglected to question the theory in the first place. So it was with Pasteur and his germ theory, and so it was with iodine.

According to Ms. Farrow: An influential paper published in 1948 taught physicians to fear iodine because it caused thyroids to stop working. The authors of the study, Dr. Wolff and Dr. Chaikoff so perpetuated the importance of their study that medical textbooks thereafter continued to teach students about the terrible phenomenon known as “The Wolff-Chaikoff Effect.”

And so it was, one study, inflated in importance, trusted because doctors with credentials conducted it; that wiped iodine off the medical records.

According to Ms. Farrow: No one ever peer reviewed the study or checked their data. The study was never replicated or results verified. Yet, it became “fundamental law” that iodine shuts down the thyroid by Western Medicine. In 2005, Dr. Guy Abraham wrote an article titled, “The Wolff-Chaikoff Effect: Crying Wolff.”  It turns out the two doctors had claimed iodine caused goiter in rats at 20 times the recommended daily allowance; when in fact, they had never even checked the rats thyroid hormone level and in truth—reported no evidence of goiter or thyroid disease. But try telling that to your physician. The idea that iodine shuts down the thyroid is deeply entrenched to this day; medical students would never question their professors or textbooks; but the original assumption was fundamentally incorrect.

Fortunately, Dr. Abraham decided that iodine was far too important to keep in an old bottle on a shelf in an antique store. He has made it his mission to spread the truth about the critical importance of dietary iodine. He has spoken at conferences, enlisted the help of other prominent physicians, written articles, and most importantly; developed a legion of patient activists that share their iodine success stories and help others to do the same. This is cutting edge, yet grass roots science.

I strongly encourage and recommend the book, “The Iodine Crisis” by Lynne Farrow. It was just published in April 2013 and I truly appreciate the amazing amount of investigative research that Lynne Farrow has documented in this book. So much of what a naturopath learns from the ancients and teaches is now scientifically validated. New scientific research, reported patient to patient and documented, validates what the ancients knew and shared patient to patient since the beginning of recorded time.  With most of us (96% by some estimates) extremely iodine deficient, this book, “The Iodine Crisis,” is a must read.


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“The Iodine Crisis” by Lynne Farrow


“The Nature Doctor” by Dr. H.C.A. Vogel

“The Thyroid Solution” by Ridha Arem, MD

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