Insurance For Pets – Top Myths Debunked


Security is the necessary foundation of any chore, disease, disaster, tragedy and misery that can hamper one’s life. Whether a man or a dog, both need assurance in their lives at the time of any disease or disaster. The pet insurance scheme is one of the measure of providing a protective shield to your pet’s life; thereby making his life secure and assure.

What is pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a gateway in the form of rupees against the expensive treatment expenses that might put you in a fix when your pet falls sick or affected by any unfortunate happening. By having the pet insurance policy, you can afford the expenses of your veterinary doctor. In case your pet is affected by any disease or met with an accident then the pet insurance scheme provides with all the expenditure spent on your pet’s treatment thereby assuring you and your pet a sense of security. However, there are several myths and rumors which are prevailing against this security scheme.

The myths:

The pet insurance is very expensive:

Pet insurance companies offer the pet owners to customize their coverage by allowing them to choose their maximum level of deductible. This gives an extra benefit to the pet owner as they can tame over their monthly premium themselves and adjust accordingly. Petfirst one of the pet insurance company allows the lifetime coverage plan to pet care parents or caretakers.

Pet insurance is applicable to only sick pets:

Pet insurance is meant to protect your pet against potential illness and unfortunate incidents. There is wide divergence in traits between pets; some breeds are more susceptible to specific disease than others. The best time to get your pet insures is when he is absolutely healthy and fit. Insurance needs to be done beforehand in order to have a sense of security in case of an unfortunate incident.

Pet insurance is doctor-specific:

Pet insurance is valid only if the veterinarian falls on the company list. It implies insurance policy is doctor-specific, that is, it does not give opportunity to the pet parents to choose the doctor of their choice. However, Petfirst contradicts this myth as it provides a lifetime coverage to pet illness treated by any vet doctor.

Pet insurance doesn’t cover everything:

Pet insurance provides coverage against multitudinous diseases, but somewhere it cuts the line in order to keep monthly premium low and affordable by the pet parents; in a way securing and saving you from heavy installments and premiums. The most common exclusions include the preexisting condition of your pet and his routine care, which is actually very cost-effective. Henceforth, it is not covered under the insurance scheme. However, Petfirst provides lifetime coverage against the pet illness and accidents whether it is hereditary, congenital or chronic condition. This benefits the pet parent with a sigh of relief against heavy and costly pet illness treatment procedures and medications.

Pet insurance plans are not much different than human insurance plans. All covers against illness and unfortunate happenings and excludes the pre-existing conditions and routine carefully.


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