Insulin and Breast Cancer: What You Should Know


Insulin and breast cancer?

Yes. These two are not often associated in the public mind, but if you suspect your insulin levels are elevated, you should be concerned about breast cancer, among other things.

High insulin is generally associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease, but there seems to be no end to the damage that chronically elevated insulin does.

Check out the research from mainstream medicine.

Journal of Clinical Oncology

Suggests the relationship between cancer and higher insulin. Sugars, grains, etc…elevate insulin – so good idea to keep insulin secretion in check by avoiding sugars and grains (processed grains like flour and all processed foods).

Web MD

This article again suggests that insulin levels (more than weight) play a key role in breast cancer cancer risk. Insulin is a hormone and hormone imbalance is a metabolic abnormality that increases cancer risk, according to research.

This article suggests that because insulin helps cells grow, elevated insulin levels would also help cancer cells grow.

One key to metabolic balance is to keep insulin levels in check – strictly. Because insulin is secreted directly as a result of the food we eat, we must closely monitor foods that increase insulin.

Cancer Fighting Foods

Web MD

This article acknowledges food is a key factor in the fight against cancer, calling diet the most promising ammunition to date.

Folate rich foods are one recommendation. Vitamin D curbs the growth of cancer cells, according to medical research. Curcumin, herbal teas and cruciferous veggies – this is a very good article.

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