How to Indulge Over Weight Gain Without Diet & Exercise?


If you are like most people, diet and exercise are hard to fit into your lifestyle. This can be a problem, if you want to keep the pounds off, especially during the holidays and times when food is a ritual for almost all our activities. Try not to focus on the need for diet and exercise, although it is good for you. First let us consider how to enjoy eating and indulge a little, without always gaining back those unwanted pounds.

Here is a list of enjoyable snacks and party friendly food options, that will take the edge off of trying to diet. It is true, there are good tasting foods that are weight loss friendly, so take notes and have fun.

Trail Mix

Many dieters are told to eat dried fruits, as a healthy alternative snack food. This maybe sound advice to get through the withdrawal stage of most dieting fads, but it isn’t very good for the waistline. Dried fruits are usually filled with sugars and any natural fiber they contained is stripped away, during the process of fruit dehydration. The end result is that dried fruits contain more calories than they do actual nutrients, so they will contribute greatly to weight gain. So what is the alternative, why trail mix of course. Trail mix contains raisins, peanuts, almonds, granola, sunflower seeds and sometimes pieces of cherries or carob.


Often people drink fruit juice to be healthier, but also to lose weight. Although this is a better choice than a can of soda, fruit juice tends to spike your insulin levels and many brands of juice contain lots of sugar. A popsicle is essentially the same in content as most fruit juices. Individually, a popsicle takes longer to consume and makes portion control very easy to monitor. You can make your own popsicles using only natural fruit juices, thus avoiding corn syrups with higher fructose. This doesn’t mean that you should just suck on a popscicle every time you are hungry, but they are a tasty treat. When trying to avoid the harsh temptations of other foods that cause excessive weight gain, always consider grabbing a cool refreshing popscicle instead.

Dark Chocolate

Now here is one alternative that should make everybody smile. Instead of running to munch down a milk chocolate candy bar, try enjoying the more elegant and weight friendly dark chocolate treat. The process of making dark chocolate incorporates less sugar than milk chocolate products, plus anyone who loves their sweets will attest to the sinfully rich taste that only darker chocolates afford. These kinds of sweets contain less milk, so they don’t block the absorption of antioxidants. And guess what else? Dark chocolate is also filled with antioxidants, so it is healthy for your body.

Natural Nut Butters

For those lovers of nut flavored candy bars, there is a viable alternative that people have been eating for decades. Try making an all natural unprocessed nut butter, all you need is some peanut butter and celery sticks. When you are craving something with that sweet and salty combination of flavors, just spread that peanut butter on a fresh stalk of celery. If you crave a little more salty taste, then it is okay to sprinkle a little edible sea salt on top lightly. Celery has primarily water, fiber and other nutrients, so it is very low in calories. Putting this with the high protein contained in peanut butter will give it volume to fill you up, but also adds that crunchy texture.

Grapes and Almonds

Finally for fans of high sugary snacks, try one of the best and most nutritionally solid snack combinations. Introduce your palate to frozen grapes with almonds. Fruits are designed to be nature’s candy, so grapes always make for an excellent snack time alternative. Put them together with the protein rich compliment of almonds, and your body will react positively. This combination is what the body is truly craving, when it isn’t being fed processed sugars and junk food. Frozen grapes will give a high contrast to the almonds. If you haven’t eaten this combination of nuts and fruits, give it a serious chance. It might become your favorite indulgence of all.

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